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  1. I am not leaving anywhere.THIS is the best site EVER.....I just lurk over there to find things to cut an paste on OTHER boards...heheeee I believe my honey from the left coast started a thread about the TILT an the guy was asked who his FAVORITE all time sports player was an he said MAWAE...thats it..poor HBBOB had NO clue that there was a HIT out on me.... :wink: Hope his IP address in not blocked now.
  2. made the front page at JI...and there were over 200 views and NOT ONE RESPONSE...I LOVE MY LIFE 8)
  3. Pick me Pick me Pick me I will locate Mickey Rivers an Oscar Gamble for an interview.... oppps mean Derek an Jason
  4. ask your girlfriend...blonde..she is his #1 fan 8)
  5. not to start any flasehoods here..but r u really DAN?
  6. The Jets are going to lose some very good players. Talented RB LaMont Jordan, stuck behind Curtis Martin for four years, is at the top of the list. With Martin expected to play at least another two years, the Jets simply can't afford to re-sign Jordan. They probably will replace him via the draft. There's also a good chance they will lose RT Kareem McKenzie, a solid player whose asking price might be too rich for the Jets. They can replace him by signing a stop-gap free agent or by moving LT Jason Fabini to the right side, his natural spot, and elevating second-year LT Adrian Jones into a starting role. They won't make a serious bid to re-sign TE Anthony Becht, who isn't a good enough receiver for the Jets' liking. Chris Baker will get the nod, but they also will pick a tight end on draft day. Others expected to bolt are DT Josh Evans, QB Quincy Carter and LB Jason Glenn. Cap casualties are likely to include MLB Sam Cowart and CB Ray Mickens...can't we lose FABINI an keep JORDAN?
  7. A brand new offer for JetsConfidential.com users!! Between now and March 9th, you can sign up for the new 6-month Total Access Pass, and you are guaranteed to receive your copy of the 2005 NFL Draft Guide as part of the JetsConfidential.com Ultimate Package. That's six months of complete access to all the latest COMBINE, DRAFT, and FREE AGENCY NEWS from JetsConfidential.com, AND the 2005 NFL Draft Guide for the low price of $44.95 Visit this link to ensure you receive the latest team news as it happens, and to reserve your 2005 NFL Draft Guide: https://secure.scout.com/store/view.aspx?s=65&p=6&c=1&refid=3569 Don't forget to check out our NFL Combine coverage here: http://jets.scout.com Don't miss out. The JetsConfidential.com Ultimate Package is only available through March 9th.. Hope Danny boy don't mind me posting this AFTER all I am VP of Marketing
  8. GGG, Yourself and TS lure people over to this site and then you lower the boom-trapped like a rat and no where to post. AGAIN WHERES the LUV??? I only had 200 PM's??? WTF ..I want VP back NOW max!
  9. TS...I will wash your back if you wash my FRONT
  10. ahh I love you always..wub wub ..heart heartxxxoo
  11. how about a NETWORKING thread bobblehead thread thing NOT to say..
  12. I WANT VP...I can direct anytime,,, I never was a VP \:D/
  13. WHERES the cheese?? with that whine... I think we should have a complaint thread! I think I am feeling the POWER
  14. MAX I have a MAJOR issue with you. I put my LIFE out there for you and you show no LOVE. WTF...I took the BULLET for you...DIED an went to heaven.... PUT your name on the cyber net.. and LOSE my posting privilage which I think is HILAR IOUS... and you have the Ball$$ to DEMOTE ME... Don't bother bannin me ....I will be a BIGGER WOMEN an RESIGN.......GO FAA
  15. DICKIE...xxxooo Thanks buddy,,,Paul Tags called me last nite, he posts here..I forgot his ALIAS because I was wrapped in Tom Shanes silk sheet and in a position I never experienced, but I told him to make sure our BYE BYE week was in October. FEEL THE POWER
  16. I am still waitin for TERRY BADWAY to get here!
  17. I cna get you what ever tixs u wnat homey..let me know.. FEEL THE POWER
  18. NO GOOD MAx,,,,he said in action..like the one of him catching the ball an his shirt is up around his boobies an those 4 pak abs showing...whhoooo eeee no wonder why JETJILL loves him...holy moly...
  19. BOARD DOWN? I only told 50 people at the bowling alley last nite to post here..GUESS THEY all listened to little Ole' me! FEEL THE POWER 8) bann GGG
  20. CONGRATS in just 2 days 100 posters...you may need some FULL time help...I hear some people got FIRED maybe they are loking for a job... BTW..I can recruit a GREAT wrtier for you..a local boy DIE HARD JET FAN...He probably viewed here already under an alias....but I will work him over..I am WONDER WOMAN!!! :-# FEEL THE POWER!!!!
  21. WELCOME handsome,,,stay away from Gang Green Girl she is TAGGED over here
  22. Welcome to my WEDDING,,or FUNERAL? Glad you got over to the PARTY SITE
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