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  1. Welcome 13 and Judy....Sorry I had no idea I had a hit out on me or I would have said good by 8) If I am missing here without a good by track Tony Soprano down
  2. That would indeed be a bombshell considering your wife keeps your balls in her purse. :twisted: I have a little bombshell waiting to explode...an I have platnium BALLS in my purse
  3. obviously not...a owner/mod can read your PM's
  4. glad you made it handsome..btw..did u clean out your box?
  5. you crazy bunch of cartoon characters....IT is so nice to have so much LUV ...WHERE ARE MY HEARTS.max? heart heart heart and the WUB icon..... I have so many stories to post where do I begin. I will have to start an the beginning so give me some time an I will be back this afternoon. Enjoy your DAY boyz-n-girls.....
  6. Bergen JET....Nice to have you.
  7. THANKS sooth for making this site so successful in 2 days...lol...100 members by tomorrow WOW a record hit. Where is STAT BOY???
  8. glad to see you made it...Looking forward to seeing you again in the lot
  9. DUDE ..lol its a she. She has a crush on GGG ..invited her to her BOX seats in Fenway...I can tag along also..
  10. ahhh j/k I could care less....Just wish people had the BALL$ to face you with explanations... GOD I never knew I had sooo much POWER!!! GEESH maybe I will start my own board....
  11. is there a way to have my photos removed from the other site...? I have no way to reach the wardon?? :idea:
  12. I think there should be no annoymous logon....and guests should sign in .......NO LURKING
  13. Mr. Riggins...looking forward to your posts 8)
  14. HEY handsome...we go way back also..but WHY ME? NO email, pm warning nothing...no bashing/tit for tat?! WHY ME?
  15. my lord why do all you PATSIE'S have to be so HOT...btw...where is GAINZO?????????? Glad you made it over
  16. YEA she won't share..an I won't cheat on my KEVIN EVER :wink:
  17. I know I would rather cuddle up with my man KEVIN..hell I would cuddle with the enemy...Christian Fauria before boywonder...lol btw: who is boywonder?
  18. unregistered,,,,, I can read the board just can't reply...
  19. I will get u a credential this year... I got connections...
  20. no warning....NO PINK SLIP ...no nothing....your FIRED.....HOW PROFESSIONAL
  21. SMOOTHIE SOOTHIE will be very successful over there... with him an his children..... \:D/
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