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  1. loks like someone needs a little STRESS RELIEF...maybe a trip to the VIRGIN ISLANDS
  2. I feel I bought a lifetime membership for Ballys an now I am working out at LA Fitness
  3. not to start any FALSEHOODS.....but I hear that there may be a set of credentials opening up this season...... WHEN is the football game...JI vs JN can I REF??
  4. well in all the years of posting on JET boards NEVER in my life did I trash people..except one A hole that has since died an went to hell...but as a PROFESSIONAL I for the life of me don't understand why people get JEALOUS, selfish and act like a 3 year old when they are 40 years old....OH well No loss of sleep over here....I guess some people fear compeitiion....and WHAT GOES around comes around! I can't wait to hit Hofstra for CAMP!!!! 8) STALKER NATION :wink:
  5. addition to slogan.... do you post..WE don't BAN
  6. REAL professional...wonder what the FO would think about this??? GAMEFACE any ideas?? Who was the contact in the Front office that you spoke with an SOOTHIE banned you from Ji.. then made you a mod??
  7. r u banned?? ...Yea I will have to come up for cookies n milk and hang with your bro...an those jello shots that were hidden in SMOOTHIE pocket that melted...remember they were like water, will have to make some more for us to SHARE....
  8. Sorry about the loss of your moderating jobs fellows...looks like it will be LONG LONELY NITES babysitting the board....eating the twinkies and cookies.....especially the home made ones Garbanza made for us and disappeared...POOR BRIDGET
  9. I am BANNED??? OH MY.....the bomb is about to drop..what did I do??? THANKS kids for getting me grounded
  10. Welcome Jeff... can't wait to see that avatar
  11. GABE cocktails in the CITY next week perhaps
  12. my banned friend glad you found us...been a while
  13. Dear Tom Please accept this invitation to a Rockin shockin party....its at your haus this weekend. I will bring the booze an babes...you bring the toys
  14. TAMPA? my blonde babe you are the hottest thing since clam chowder...do you enjoy women? I want to take you out to a real baseball park. Its called Fenway and I have box seats. Would you care to join me? You are more then welcome to bring that freak friend who wears 68 with you. Thanks for the invite, but we want to hang with the BIG BOYZ and Garbanza is already hooking us up! You can tag along as long as u leave the red head behind. PARTY pooper
  15. yeah..i met that kissing bandit there..she was there one minute an gone the next behind the BIG ARMY TANKS
  16. BIG MIKEY gets a special prize from me for being 68
  17. My prince has arrived....ATTN: LADIES of JETNATION He is off the market...an is soley in LOVE with me so stay clear
  18. he should be Willie McGuiness's personal NANNY to his new daughter
  19. I was reporting U...lol....silly goose..where are my HEARTS i need a heart on my posts
  20. I love you...will u marry me after your divorce???
  21. lamont will be gone an this will be a HUGH mistake. CM only has a year or two left. SUCKS...KEEP LAMONT
  22. POST ICONS hearts heart hearts...I am jonessssin
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