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  1. INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ The Indianapolis Colts designated Edgerrin James their franchise player Tuesday, taking another step toward keeping their high-scoring offense intact. The Pro Bowl running back is a non-exclusive franchise player, which means James could accept a one-year deal from the Colts worth a little more than $8 million _ a 20 percent raise from his salary last season _ try to work out a long-term deal with the Indianapolis or sign with another team. Indianapolis would have seven days to match another team's offer and would be compensated with two first-round draft choices if James leaves. ``We decided the best thing to do would be to put the non-exclusive tag on him,'' Colts president Bill Polian said. ``It allows us to retain our rights going forward and it allows us to try and work something out.'' James just finished his best season since tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in October 2001. He rushed for 1,548 yards and nine touchdowns, caught 51 passes for 483 yards and had a career-high average of 4.6 yards per carry. He also went to his third Pro Bowl Indianapolis' decision was expected after Colts owner Jim Irsay announced in early December that the team would use the franchise tag to prevent James from hitting open market. The situation was complicated because James has apparently changed agents. The NFL Players Association Web site lists Scott Parker as James' agent. But last week, after Polian said negotiations had not even started, one of James' other representatives told the team that Parker was no longer the running back's agent. Without knowing who to contact for James' contract demands, Irsay then called the two-time NFL rushing champion on Friday. ``The only thing Jim (Irsay) could glean from the conversation was that he wanted a long-term contract and didn't relish a one-year deal,'' Polian said. ``That left us in a quandary.'' James has not spoken to Indianapolis reporters since the Colts' 20-3 second-round playoff loss at New England, and Parker has not returned repeated messages left at his office by The Associated Press. Now the Colts must make sure the 26-year-old James is satisfied. The franchise salary for running backs is $6.3 million, but because James' cap number last year was $6.7 million, the team is required to give him a 20 percent increase to make it more than $8 million. But there have been indications that the Florida native who played his college football at the University of Miami would like to play closer to home. The Miami Dolphins have needed a running back since Ricky Williams, who was taken one spot behind James in the 1999 draft, unexpectedly retired last summer. Polian said he talked to Dolphins coach Nick Saban several times in the past few weeks and that no trade was mentioned. The other worry is a potential holdout. ``To my knowledge, he hasn't talked about it,'' Polian said. ``That's always an issue with us because we think everybody should be in training camp.'' Keeping the Colts' powerful offense together has been the primary focus this offseason. They re-signed record-setting receiver Marvin Harrison to a six-year $66 million contract in December, a move that prevented the Colts from potentially losing either Harrison or James. Then they re-signed wide receiver Brandon Stokley to a five-year, $17 million deal. On Monday, the Colts made Ryan Diem one of the highest-paid right tackles in the league when he agreed to a seven-year deal that included a signing bonus of about $12 million. On Tuesday, Indianapolis also assured itself of keeping James' backup, Dominic Rhodes. Polian said the two sides had agreed in principle, even though Rhodes' agent said last week that the back was looking for a starting job. Depending on how James' situation plays out, that could still happen with the Colts. Indianapolis now has 14 days to sign James or they must wait until July 15 to reach a long-term deal. Irsay has now spent more than $40 million in signing bonuses over the past three months, all on offensive players. ``Obviously, Jim is putting his money where my mouth is,'' Polian said. Polian said he also wants to concentrate on possibly restructuring the deals of high-priced veterans Marcus Pollard, Mike Vanderjagt and Brad Scioli.
  2. KIRKLAND, Wash. (AP) _ The Seattle Seahawks signed quarterback Matt Hasselbeck to a six-year deal and named running back Shaun Alexander their franchise player Tuesday, ensuring that their three top offensive players are under their control. In addition, general manager Bob Ferguson resigned as part of an executive house-cleaning. The contract was set Sunday night, and Hasselbeck signed the $49.4 million deal _ including a $16 million signing bonus and incentives _ at team headquarters Tuesday. Hasselbeck will make $28.25 in the first three years of the contract. ``We weren't going to let Matt go,'' said Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke. ``This guy had to come back for us to be effective.'' The franchise designation for Alexander _ who came within one yard of the NFL rushing title last season _ prevents him from becoming a free agent, grants him a one-year contract worth about $6.3 million and gives the team until March 16 to try to reach a long-term deal. Last week, the Seahawks signed all-pro offensive tackle Walter Jones to a seven-year, $52.5 million deal. ``We have a lot of quality people in this organization,'' Hasselbeck said. ``It's exciting to be back with those people.'' A Pro Bowl selection in 2003, Hasselbeck battled injuries in 2004 and his numbers suffered. He threw for 3,382 yards and 22 touchdowns, down from 3,841 yards and 26 TDs in 2003. Hasselbeck was traded to Seattle from Green Bay for draft picks before the 2001 season. He was Brett Favre's backup for two years with the Packers. Hasselbeck said leaving the Seahawks only crossed his mind briefly. ``Imagining what it would be like, it was really a disappointing thing to think about, just because of how much work we've put into this here in Seattle,'' Hasselbeck said. Alexander rushed for a team record 1,696 yards and 20 TDs. Seattle could also trade the Pro Bowl running back, who publicly expressed his interest in testing the free agent market. Leiweke said he had not yet talked with Alexander about the franchise designation. After a 3-0 start that seemed to validate preseason forecasts of a Super Bowl run, the Seahawks lost several tough games and finished 9-7 last season, good enough to win the weak NFC West. They lost to St. Louis in the first round of the playoffs. Owner Paul Allen fired Bob Whitsitt, the team's president of football operations, last month, saying he wanted to bring in someone with a deep football background. Seahawks vice president Ted Thompson was hired to be Green Bay's general manager that same day. Ferguson said Tuesday he was leaving, too. ``As the Seahawks transition to new football leadership I have decided it is also the right time for me to leave the organization,'' Ferguson said in a written statement, adding that he would stay on the job through the April draft. The Seahawks hired Ferguson in February 2003, after he was fired as general manager of the Arizona Cardinals. Previously, coach Mike Holmgren had taken on the dual role of general manager. Ferguson played linebacker at the University of Washington and worked with the Seahawks as director of sales and special events in the 1970s. He has spent three decades in the NFL, including seven with the Cardinals, where he was hired as general manager in 1999. He was fired by Arizona in January 2003, after the Cardinals finished with a 5-11 record, losing nine of their last 10 games. Ferguson's greatest success came in Buffalo, where he was director of player personnel during the 1990s, when the team went to four Super Bowls.
  3. can u add in the PM's add buddy to your list? and where the hell are my HEARTS for the topic thread? your slackin...where is the REPORT this person icon TOO? :twisted:
  4. game 6 from 1986..RANGERS classic Faba..I have a ladies auxiliary meeting tonite..sorry but sounds like fun!
  5. Thursday...MSG (tv) that is. GGG take a look at a REAL hockey team that nite..unless you have a DATE or something .... Wanna make a bet Rangers WIN!
  6. she felt so bad but told me when Heff has his party you are invited..only if you bring Max as your date.
  7. yeah...rite after I get MY copy..I put her name on the MAP..er...board with that GND contest :twisted:
  8. Helen will be in an up coming issue...remember her?? The girl next door??? PLAYBOY real soon! will keep you posted
  9. the only thing French is the FRIES an kisses here
  10. A LITTLE action is rite with you BOYZ from New York
  11. CUDDLE before..NO CUDDLING AFTER ..just leave....NO SLEEP OVERS 8)
  12. NO wonder I can't stalk him he gave me a FALSE ADDRESS
  13. If this is the same Max that I know I am not surprised to hear about the carrot thing. He has always been a bit of a Bulgarian, if you know what I mean. The Max I know is more like the Eggplant...so Mrs Max tells me
  14. I just found you..besides Max is so jealous of our touchy feelie relationship..Dont want to piss him off an get banned here
  15. did Howie get indited? I thought I heard something about that today?? Insider trading???
  16. Smizzy here for 10 minutes an has 22 posts already...kinda like the KIDS he has....6 in 9 months
  17. you can be my pole anytime handsome.....speaking of poles...wrap that one ..HOWS the new baby?? boy or girl???
  18. ahhhh ARIZONA...I had the best time on that road trip.... BABES what a place :twisted:
  19. emmm...french fries with brown gravy smoothered in mozzeralla cheese at 2am...yummie
  20. only if your my co star mr ripper \:D/
  21. SMIZZZZZY hey handsome glad to see ya... hey flatsie I remember you trying to hit on my boy FOLEY...r u that Qunicy chick?
  22. need the smileys,,,,head bangin...need the hearts when u start a new post???
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