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  1. I have a picture for the front page of my man KEVIN
  2. heat oven to 500 put those smelly sox-n-jerseys in for about 30 minutes. CLEAN out those port-o-potties into a LARGE pot an boil for an hour. Then while your in traffic leaving that ugly stadium u can have smoothie slurpies
  3. already at 50 posters....YAHOOOOO
  4. Welcome aboard Sylvia Say hello to that CENTER of yours in NE... Perhaps we can meet for cocktails with the famous Garbanza in Boston when the YANKEES come to beantown. Enjoy the site IT ROCKS the HAUS
  5. Tuesday marks the unofficial kickoff of the NFL free agency period. This is the first day on which veterans can be cut and it is also the deadline for teams to declare transition and franchise players.
  6. I will be over Saturday around noon..BE READY ..clean the sheets! \:D/
  7. help us BLONDES ...what is a MOCK DRAFT??? does that mean its COLD outside,,or r u makin FUN of us ??? like in the birds???.MOCKIN that is..gonna buy u a diamond ring
  8. glad to see ya here...let Danny boy know to stop by for a visit!!! xxxooo
  9. OK I am on it...but I can't share you with GGG dump her first...then we will talk..... I love the PLATINUM
  10. important icon.... PAYPAL ...where's the PAYPAL button???? :?:
  11. why is NOT christian in your avatar...at least lets look at a HOT WINNER
  12. Brenjetsfan


    6. GGG an I will be getting them DRUNK an taking advantage of Derek an Jason
  13. Beginning Feb 23rd, the top collegiate players will showcase their talents for NFL scouts in Indianapolis at the 2005 NFL Draft Combine. Which players will the NY Jets scouts be tracking? Scout.com and JetsConfidential.com will keep you up to date on all the latest news, gossip, and player performance measurables all week long including: -Daily updates on the 300 players participating in the 2005 Combine -Player evaluations including which players increased their draft stock with their performance -Maurice Clarett's first workout in over a year and other major stories Scout.com and JetsConfidential.com are your best source for "Total Access" 2005 Draft Combine coverage. Please visit the following link to ensure you don't miss out this week's coverage! http://jets.scout.com
  14. I LUV that man...he can HIGH STICK me anytime an slap that puck into the NET...SCORE....
  15. my avatar says TOOO BIG so I have to send it to the master man...can u shrink it for me MAX?? Please don't hurt my pics.......
  16. AWESOME site...how about starting a thread about the best center in the NFL???
  17. I LOVE MRS MAX....can I take her home with me, MAX?
  18. Hellllllo Handsome..LUV the site so far
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