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  1. Get your VIP PSL yellow parking pass.....$25.....
  2. PSL parking pass $25 for sale

  3. I hope they suspend him.....Any man that is not going to honor his vows (as a husband /league rules) should have to face penalties....F' him I hope he gets what he deserves....HE SUCKS
  4. Thank you.....did you get my package I sent you?
  5. What happened here last nite? What did you do with my BOYZ they never made it to Patsie land?? Just remember.....Sanchez is only a sophmore and you can go 16-n-0 and still LOSE the BIG GAME! Max what happened to all my profile pics???? No JETNATION last nite when I logged on??
  6. $650....not bad at all plus parking included!
  7. NO...I just got my invoice for playoffs ...and the last 2 games say Miami start at 4:15 and Buffalo at 1 pm
  8. prices are not that bad....Div game is $280 for 2 tix.......Champ game $310.....then parking and shipping charge! total $650
  9. start time says 4:15 pm on my playoff invoice!!!! Glad its not the 8pm....right on FABA...great to see you today! BILLS in OT!
  10. Ditto.....unless the giants are playing the PATSIES
  11. I had my tickets since 1989. 309 row 1...now I am 308 row 12...it is not the same....I have been " I spying seats" and hitting sect 233 the past 2 games. What a HUGE difference....I may pack in my tickets next year and do 6 -8 road trips and scalp home games, also! Watching the games with my JETNATION family tomorrow if anyone wants to join us in.....BELMAR ...!
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