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  1. I am here....flying under the radar!!! Been busy busy busy..... going to AA meetings....60 days..of SOBRIETY!!!
  2. Could you imagine the crime scene? 15 yr old..blood all over from the face an who knows what the sheets looked like!!! OY!
  3. Anyone know of any close to the stadium? or BARS?????
  4. :vactiontime:I am booking Miami and Denver this week.
  5. Jerricho looks so small next to Da'Brick
  6. I would like to thank MAX for the tickets!! LUV ya man! Got some new posters!!!
  7. The PRESIDENT of Marketing will be there taking lots of PICS.... Thank you MAX....oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo:getgreen:
  8. The ticket starts at 6pm??? Now I'm confused::wub
  9. I'm heading the the JETS Stadium Tailgate party starts at 3PM
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