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  1. Miami is a given.....Denver is my next choice Oct there will be sooo beautiful. Detroit IF everyone goes there an not Denver! or who knows maybe all 3!!
  2. Just checked flights....$70 each way from AC....yea babie Bahia Here we come!
  3. Road Trip....DENVER OCT 17th:vactiontime:
  4. Can we keep it here in 1 thread???? Thank you my LUV'S....
  5. I will be at Bon Jovi also...got some SICK seats!!! can't wait!!
  6. A sad end of an era but an exciting new beginning....
  7. This was the commissioners club...holy crap WHAT a scene....
  8. This was the locker room for other events...and the JETS locker room.
  9. This was my personal tour yesterday!!!!
  10. I was there yesterday also. Was that you in the 28 jersey? I will be posting my pics also....
  11. For Sale for tomorrow Friday...face $90 row 21 by the devils dancers...... pm ASAP!! CAN MEET ON GSP...NEAR EXIT 117
  12. Donations by the NY JETS.....Visit www.ltdcharity.com June 22, 2010...Tuesday...lots of prizes !!!
  13. I just found pictures of SMIZZY and our road crew....Put an album together for T=Mac's 50th birthday!!!! an yes Garb you are in ONE an ONE only....lol
  14. you suck....I have been trying since 8am.....20 years of being a season ticket holder an traveling all over the US for my boyz...whats a girl to do???? First a WRONG EMAIL was sent to me then I can't get 1 ticket...... OY VEY!!!!....looks like a job for TOM SHANE.....help me!!!::wub
  15. I'm gonna miss....BUT SOOO worth it...Heading to Louisanna Derby to celebrate T-Mac's Big Birthday!!! WHOOOHOOOO Patty'O's here we come!!!
  16. I know my American Legion is across the street!! oxoxo:rolleyes:
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8rZWw9HE7o
  18. I work out TOPLESS.....never let em' see ya SWEAT!
  19. THANK YOU ALL for my birthday wishes!!! Garb LOVE the pic of my Kevin..... OFF to sunny FLORIDA....see y'all soon!!! TONS of PICS to come soon!
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