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    i am 67 years old and i love the jets.. music.. peanut butter and chocolate,TV,kitties, OY! lol
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    the cliffs of insanity....
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    chocolate, peanut butter, lyrics, thai food, the sea and sand...
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    your guess is as good as mine....

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    there isnt just one...sigh
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    danielle..oops she isnt one is she...lol.. nice job max
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    yes..i am 67 years old

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  1. hi, might have been fun to go to the game, but can't with hubbie's condition. we'll at least get it on HD because the texans will be on local cbs. yes, texas is huge! but austin is only about 170 miles from houston how you doing? i just pulled an almost-all-nighter at work (going to bed now at 4 am) because of a crazy deadline. oy!

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