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  1. Soooo a final college decision yet?

  2. gg

    helllllllllo!!! hope all is well with you!! xo

  3. gg

    spermy deleted the posts so i cant see what you gave me rep for.. but thanks! :D

  4. gg

    hey T-Mac...how about my UCONN women again! :P Maya Moore is something else! :D

  5. gg

    hey there! welcome welcome!.. good to see you here! you should start posting! :D

  6. gg

    thanks for the potw nom! :D

  7. we saw sherlock holmes.. which we liked. just got home from Avatar.. we saw it in Imax 3D. simply stunning! it is worth the wait

  8. did you see a movie?

  9. doesnt seem like it is coming anytime soon. OY!

  10. i will probably see it .. sigh.. but i will need a lot of tissues... i cry at commercials. lol

  11. must be my age .. i was crying in "the blind side" i would be hysterical in precious! No to "a serious man" ?

  12. have you seen Precious? I dont think i can do it.. i am just afraid it will be too sad. Saw "A Serious Man" loved it, but it might be too ethnic for the majority of people. But it is a typical Coen bro. movie. Are you going to see Invictus? I have heard that Morgan Freeman nails Mandela.

  13. that is tooo funny! ihave never tried chocolate covered CC. how is it? i am on my second bag of the traditional.. but then i am done.. that is of course if the jets and yanks dont lose. lol.. then all bets are off.. hope you have a grand halloween.. i hope health and happiness reigns for you and yours during this all hallows eve!

  14. woo hoo!! welcome again! ;)

  15. gg

    nuttin.. lol. i hate these rainy cold days.. have to do errands in a bit. arg! how are you?

  16. lol.. i never get free drinks.... lol

  17. gg

    i totally understand. i already have my ticket. i am a glutton for punishment.

  18. gg

    i dont think so. so sad. he had gotten the game ball that afternoon.

  19. gg

    did you hear about the UCONN cb that was killed yesterday? so sad

  20. gg

    he looked like a rookie. wind wasnt horrid. it was pretty cold. i think the promised land will not be achievable this year. sigh

  21. gg

    yes midnight. i should have slept on the couch also. my head is killing me. i have 500 loads of laundry to do.

  22. gg

    the funny thing is i have a banger of a headache and i didnt have a drop of alcohol. ugh. so mad.

  23. let me know if you see it.. i will be curious to see what you thought.. i think i am quite a bit left of you so i am always interested in another point of view.

  24. did you see capitalism?

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