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  1. I'm fat, I'm bald, I suck at trimming my goatee, I dress like I'm perpetually on my way to WalMart and I walk with a limp. Yet 80% of the woman I meet make it very obvious to me they want me. Baffling.

    Oh my gosh crusher.. i was thinking the same thing about myself.. with 2 exceptions... I am fat, i drss like i am on the way to walmart.. and i walk with a limp ( sometimes) though i do have a full head of hair and I am pretty good at trimming my goatee...

    But all the guys love me. It must be my sparkling personality.


  2. ok.. i know it is a day early.. and i know this isnt the lounge.. but if anyone deserves a bday thread in the NFL forum.. it would be my favorite legume!!!

    If it wasnt for gb, max would be running this forum on his TRS-80 in his basement. OY!

    So Happy Happy Birthday greenbeans!!! :HappyB


  3. Wow. 7 years. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun. Back in those days, Herm Edwards was getting ready to lead the Jets to a glorious 4-12, most of us were on another site that was rapidly losing its sense of humor and some might say, the plot. Then some of of us started getting PMs from a few nefarious individuals, who got banned for their trouble. (Weren't Private Messages supposed to be private?), with a mention we might want to check out another site, and see what we thought.

    We clicked the link and got this:


    And so it began. Wasn't always plain sailing, for what seemed like eons, there was promises the site would be more than just a board, complete with front page. When the front page arrived, it was a bit underwhelming.


    Whatever happened to the Wee McCabe Techno Creature? And did he ever get out of Shane's dungeon?

    Then the rot set in. The popularity of the place plummeted. Maybe it was just a weird coincidence, but it happened round the time the watersports forum had been replaced by a hockey forum along with a new mod:


    Then war broke out after TomShane abused his moderator powers by attempting to ban Max, and filling the Hockey forum with monkey pictures. GOB hasn't been able to look at a banana without thinking of the abuse his beloved Steve Yzerman suffered, the PatsNation sh*tstorm with the TX Modship, finally Mr Shane left, confusing the hell out of loads of people.


    Others came and went, but the AsteriskNation went from strength to strength. Penningtology, 7 foot tall Latvian brides, spammers, fights over Curtis Martin compiler, years of Schitty, rep wars, BoomBoom, Bollywood to mention but a few.

    But just when we were all set to live happily ever after, Shane came back and the place went to hell. Hasn't really recovered since.

    Happy Birthday JetNation, here's to many more. And thanks to all the gang who keep the place up and running, and to the posters who've made this the best Jets board on the net.

    PDM - Best poster award winner... period! :)

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  4. When you think back to the day JN launched on a shared server for $20 per month it actually seems funny. John M (Greenbeans) now handles a multiple server\cloud environment, oh my how things have changed.


    Those were the days, my friend

    We thought they'd never end

    We'd sing and dance forever and a day

    We'd live the life we choose

    We'd fight and never lose

    For we were young and sure to have our way

    La la la la la la

    La la la la la la

  5. Before we get too crazy with the Mazel Mazels, I would just like to thank everyone for being PC enough to wish us well on one of the least important holidays of the year which we only made a big deal so Jewish kids wouldn't feel left out. Assholes. Enjoy your fruitcake and stupid stories about fat guys that eat cookies and give you all presents even though you're all stupid.

    A red nosed reindeer? Really? Yeah, that one's realistic. Not me, I'm telling Holiday legends about Max or PS Jets or whatever the hell its name is these days. Or maybe bizarre insecurities about the color pink andf graduate degrees.

    Bottom line, the only thing all of us should be wishing for is an entirely new offense and the blessing of rediscovered punctuation for CTM.

    Oh, and go Knicks. **** you all otherwise.

    Not a Mensch. OY!

    If you really had no recollection of writing that.. you could have edited this post.. just sayin'

    i know it isnt the most important holiday...

    Well at least you have some stuff to atone for on the most important holiday. LOL! ;)

    No gelt for you! :D

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