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  1. chocolate with vanilla frosting?

  2. getting in my car. :D

  3. oh believe me.. i have tried that .. lol ;)

  4. yeah.. well convincing her to do things with me can be tough. :lol: but i will try. agreed about drew's directing. i do love ellen page.. i also liked her best friend a lot also.

  5. saw "whip it" yesterday. loved it. maybe i can get my daughter to go with me to see it again.

  6. gg

    no i dont know why it is a cbs game. pisses me off. ugh. yeah i will try justintv. i have done that i the past

  7. no i dont know why it is a cbs game. pisses me off. ugh. yeah i will try justintv. i have done that i the past.

  8. gg

    everything is ok.. though i dont get the stinkin game today. ARGGGGG! stoopid pats ;) i will have to find it online. hope you are well too :)

  9. oh it will be nice to meet you! :)

  10. yes.. he was down.. stupid zebras.

  11. yeah.. lol.. thought i would try it ;) i see that a lot of people are invisible.. so i wanted to see what all the hub bub is about. not much of a difference.. might just go back

  12. beautiful baby by the way. what a total cutie

  13. no that is this week that i play my rabbi.. and it is the highholy days ( rosh hashanah) so i am phucked! lol i will be a nervous wreck onsunday :lol: lots of tums.

  14. gg

    yes he will. any fun plans for the weekend?

  15. gg

    did you see my boy, derek? i know you are not a yanks fan..but that guy is just a good guy!

  16. gg

    well it will be an interesting year. lol. did you make any decisions about the game?

  17. gg

    lol.. yeah those pictures were too funny. there were tons more but i narrowed it down. she liked brandeis, not a first choice, but not her last

  18. gg

    whats new, ms chick pea?

  19. Oh.... sorry :( is hubbie at least stable? sorry i was so inconsiderate. LOL about the all nighter.. those are hard to do nowadays. sheesh age can kick me in the a$$

  20. are you going to the game on sunday? i realize that tx is a big state.. lol.. but i thought austin was only about 100 miles from houston.

  21. do you know the gore is coming or will it catch me by surprise?

  22. lol..were you reading my posts to afo ;) thanks for the advice though :) i do want to see it.

  23. gg

    just a reminder that i havent posted in a week so i am curious to see which of my old posts you decide to nominate for POTW. :) i am sure there are a bunch that are worthy. :D

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