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  1. you are the BEST fresh-beans.jpg:D

  2. gg

    happy happy bubbelah :D

  3. hey there! havent seen you around in ages! i hope you are well!

  4. hiya! is there still the namath jerseys left? what sizes? how do they fit women? thanks girlie!

  5. LOL! i know it was shameless ;) but frankly i dont get a lot of rep because people dont recognize my sophisticated humor:p and i cant believe that Arsis is so far ahead ofme ;)

  6. 90 today here... but the beach was lovely! i started wearing flip flops this year after a 25 year hiatus. :D

  7. lol. you totally rock! i fall off flats.. i have NO coordination :D

  8. gg

    how did youget the stiches? :( what are you doing for your b'day?

  9. gg

    thanks joey! i still cant make the draft.. but i am cool with whatever.. and i will try to prerank.. just let the computer do the work. thanks thanks!!

  10. gg

    actually just delete whichever one you want.. or both and i will sign up again. ugh! i am such a disaster. but you know you love me :)

  11. gg

    ok i totally messed up. i signed up for the open spot in league 1 and i think i was already signed up. i think i might be in there as bumblina and acid queen. could you erase my bumblina one. so sorry joey :( i also wont be there for the draft.. but i dont care what team i will get.. i work with what i get ;)

  12. are you coming over for the bills game??? it would be grand to see you again!

  13. are you planning on seeing (500) days of summer? saw it yesterday and i really enjoyed it! i would be curious to know what you think.

  14. gg

    i dont care about the $$, when i go to foxboro, kraft charges $45 for parking,. and when i have gone to buffalo, it has taken me an hour and a half to get out of the ralph edwards parking lot. I just want to be in a safe place.. since i am going by myself (yeah i know queens isnt dangerous.. but still.. ) i dont think i will be able to leave early. i will just be pooped tomorrow. heh

  15. gg

    you driving? have you been out to citi field yet? have you ever seen him?

  16. gg

    are you in the city? where is your ticket? i am so excited! first time i have ever seen him. leaving here around 1:30. I will just sit in the parking lot and read .. this rain could mean some nasty traffic.

  17. wow! just like your dad, you married up! :lol: beautiful pictures! and annie is also beautiful.

  18. oh yeah.. you should enable rep.. for a moment .. i bet you have a ton of it. i know i have left you rep. :)

  19. every single one of your posts is (are?) wonderful and funny! YOu really need to post more!! I hope you are well.

  20. so did i. :) enjoy HP! i cant wait to see it also.. ! I have read all the books though. It must be a totally different experience for you, since you havent read them. i will be curious to see what you think.

  21. nope .. saw it my myself. LOL! she would have been sooo embarrassed. Hubbie and I went to see The Hangover without her also.. thank god! the credits would have been just awful with her. Of course without her, i loved it! ha! I would have thought that might have made the movie NC-17.

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