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  1. Saw "Away we go" and "easy virtue" . THe first better then the second, but the second wasnt bad.. it needed more colin firth :)

  2. gg

    you are young.. condescending is something you can purge from your personality :D

  3. gg

    taking lil bit specials advice? lol.. i see he left you some in your messages. Anyway.. i am pretty easy.. i dont know if i think "silly" is an insult as is the condescending way that i felt it was said. that being said, thanks for the apology. It just annoys me how people assume that the females here do not have worthwhile opinions. i dont know if wee are ever going to see eye to eye on things. though i still appreciate your offer to beat up anyone who messes with my daughter :lol:

  4. BUT i started off with some damn suggestions and it turned into this crap. you and i have had our issues... and i dont think we will ever see eye to eye on most things.. but i never wish anyone any ill will. you never answered me when i inquired about your blood tests, and it is none of my business but i hope you are healthy..

  5. i was going to respond to your post.. but honestly i dont want to keep it going. i think that some of what you said was ok, and some was utter bullsh!t. you were writing that as if you are above it all, and to say that you werent talking to anyone in particular is funny when your #1 was specific to me, as i suspect some of your other thoughts had me in mind ( among others.. ) i did put thought into my suggestion and then after all the crap.. came by with another suggestion of a subforum.. ( did you read that part?) i find all the videos making the lounge unreadable. Of course i am just one person. I really try hard not to insult people though at times i am sure i do.. i am far from perfect.. BUT this place is different and Max knows how i feel.. I realize this is HIS site, and it has grown since he started it and has changed.. and it is my issue..

  6. gg

    in advance of the complaints about me.. i just want to say that i just offered a suggestion in that suggestion thread. sigh. if you had given me a snack machine.. with cheese doodles and chocolate.. i would have been happy

  7. gg

    i emailed jane mcmanus.. she is on vacation.. but she might do something about JJ when she gets back. i hope so. really pathetic that there is nothing on him anywhere. he might not have been steve mcnair.. but if it wasnt for JJ and other pioneers there wouldnt have been a steve mcnair.

  8. a jewish girl small enough to "spin" on your lap like a dreidel ( top) carlie also watches a ton of crap and is attached to her laptop when she isnt at her internship.

  9. gg

    how much does stickbug have? i still think i should be ahead of both of you ;)

  10. i am just hoping she goes somewhere. LOL! But I think she will go small liberal arts somewhere within 4 hours. My goal is to find no need to exercise constantly. lol. i HATE exercise.. and it shows in my very flabby body :D how is your hubbie?

  11. thanks for the message! very nice weekend. finally some nice weather up here. I need to now get my daughter motivated to start looking at colleges.. OY! how is everyhing with you?

  12. how did the blood tests turn out? i hope everything went well.

  13. have a good holiday!

  14. gg

    Usually, but not always... so you have that workin for you! :lol:

  15. gg

    LOL! we are demanding but the end results are worth it! :D

  16. if i only had her talent! heh! smooooth talker (writer) :lol: thanks though.and i was only fishing a little bit. :D

  17. gg

    lol.. keep it coming baby.. i still have a way to go. :lol:

  18. LOL! trying to butter me up! heh! but then everyone will see that i really look like charlotte rae ;)

  19. carlie didnt sleep thru the night till she was 13 months. :yawn: she sleeps great now. LOL

  20. a gift? yes.. most of the time. LOL! ;)

  21. amazing, right? of course i had carlie when i was 13.. so i still feel young! :lol: enjoy each moment with your boy!

  22. doing just fine. ;) starting the college search with carlie. yikes! lol

  23. how are you doing, daddy? ;)

  24. tootie, blair, natalie or jo? ha!

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