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  1. What you talking about, WIllis??? Mrs. Drummond?? LOL! do you mean MR. Dummond? Or are you saying you are younger then Mrs. Garrett? Cross dressing can be HOT! Even for us over 40 crowd!.. or did i totally miss the reference... :D

  2. i think that these boards can be interesting and fun without being caustic and inappropriate. I did not find a lot of that crap "spirited, informative, and entertaining" i guess i dont think pedophile-molestation jokes are informative, entertaining or spirited. i guess i am not of the mind that "anything goes" As i said before, i ignore the misogynist garbage that is posted every day. and i dont find it informative or entertaining. again .. this board can be entertaining without the need to post outlandish views in order to elicit reactions from posters. i really dont think we are going to agree...

  3. if people cant resist and "obvious joke" right in front of them when they know it is not appropriate well then maybe they need "scolding" i find that reasoning faulty. That gives people excuses ... " i did ____ because i couldnt resist" i am far from being perfect when it comes to anything! and i wouldnt want to be.. but i try hard to know when to not say something totally offensive... i might not always get it right but i think i do most of the time.

  4. i prefer to call mine personality not shtick. :lol: i think you are right, we are going around in circles, and i dont think we are going to agree :lol: i dont think of it as censorship as much as i think of it as thinking before writing. if i were to "scold" people on this site.. i would be busy all day. The mysogonist crap that goes on here is amazing. I just dont think it is important to make classless jokes about people who have died. I am glad that Max took action when an awful joke was made against Farrah. As i said above.. i think there are people who dont think at all before they post garbage. i have an almost 17 year old daughter and have never used the word "scold" just sayin. :lol:

  5. i do not believe you would use the word "scold" with a male poster. I dont have a shtick. LOL! but isnt that what you say the site should allow? different viewpoints? i cant help if you dont like what you perceive as my "scolding tone" Again, if you dont like it, there is an ignore button.

  6. please tell me how this http://www.jetnation.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1308734&postcount=164 is scolding? this is "expressing my opinion" If you were having this discussion with a male poster, would you use the word "scold" ? Just wondering. so let me understand, personal attacks or vulgarity should be the reason that a poster is chastized. What do you deem vulgar? That might be very different then what Max thinks is vulgar. For example, is laughing at how a person dies considered vulgar or is it just expressing an opinion? This is a very thin line. One persons vulgar is another persons humor or opinion.

  7. i really dont want to go on and on in that thread.. BUT you say that it is ok to express opinions and then you get all pissy with me and tell me to put you on ignore or move past your posts when i express mine. contradictory isnt it? you can put me on ignore. i dont have anyone on ignore and most of the time I do move past your posts. :lol: this is one time i didnt.

  8. going this week. i hear that i should stay for the credits. love funny movies

  9. being one of the 12 oldest puts you in great company ;) ok so you are younger then me.. lol.. but still in the 40+ crowd :D

  10. gg

    lol//. sensible.. heh. yeah i dont think i am ready to abandon ship but i dont find much to keep me here. everytime i am away for a bit, i come back hoping i will find something interesting and fun, but alas it seems to be the same ole boring. i also feel as though there are a ton of people who i dont know...specifically the JI outlaws. I know we were all from JI but when this site started it was an open slate.. now we have cliches coming here with their own group jokes.. i am just too old to try and make sense of it. :lol:

  11. gg

    hey. just got back on here after a bit. nothing new, i see. :lol: glad you are well.

  12. gg

    hey. hope everything is well.

  13. gg

    check out my post in the sunshine thread. LOL!

  14. lol.. well we shall see.. next week i am off to my 25th college reunion. yikes!

  15. gg

    thanks! it was so much fun! and it goes for a good cause. Coach was so nice. All the guys were great. Leon and Wallace Wright really stood out for me as being just down to earth guys!

  16. i am sorry you are having such a crappy day. that just sucks.. see now i should say.. always look on the bright side of life! but frankly when you are having a crappy day,, the last thing you need is someone saying something cutesy.. so instead.. i will just keep a good thought that things get better soon!

  17. gg

    rex is wider, nick is taller. can you imagine if i wasnt wearing 2 inch heels? lol.

  18. gg

    thanks! i appreciate it! got pictures with a lot of people.. rex, tanny, mangold, dustin keller is such a cutie!! wallace wright was such a nice young man.. all in all it was so cool. did i tell you i got a picture of me with "salt-n-pepa" :D

  19. gg

    $250.. there were VIP tickets for $400. THe funny thing is ..it was suppose to start for VIPs at 6pm.. and the rest of us at 7pm.. so i got there at 6:25.. and they let me in..heh. Some guys right behind me had the same tickets.. and the bouncer said to them.. you have to wait till 7pm. too funny. i was able to get stuff signed for my nephews (graduation and birthday respectfully) and for my dad for father's day. i didnt get anthing signed for myself, but i dont really care. it was so much fun!

  20. gg

    lol.. anyone with $$$.. i used my rainy day money. heh. it was fun. i might put up an album in my profile with other pics.

  21. gg

    hehe. i do have pictures. check out my profile ;) oh it was so much fun! i know you got on the field.. but this was the first time i ever met any of the playeers.

  22. gg

    hey t-mac.. how about my UConn gals this year? :D i know this is late.. but i never see you around here.

  23. wow! i would shoot 81 in nine holes.. if i am lucky. lol

  24. gg

    german german??? didnt the germans bomb pearl harbor??? OY! and you know you still love me.

  25. i havent posted here.. and i thought i would give you an afo break :D anyway, i am prettier. :D hope you are having a grand day!!

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