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  1. everything is good, thanks.

  2. everything is good, thanks.

  3. hi. hope you are well.

  4. gg

    hey max.. dont you know .. everyone loves me... i am just a sweetheart! :D true .. i might not have as many friends as some of both the gals and guys here... BUT i know they all love me. :lol: you are just jealous...

  5. gg

    thanks bob! you're a peach!

  6. gg

    hi girlie!!!!

  7. lady.. you are awesome!!! i would give you rep.. but you dont have it enabled.

  8. max should get one funny a year.. too bad that wasnt one of them ;)

  9. lol.. me too.. although one of my friends convinced me to start a facebook.. so i have been feeling that way for a week or two ..hehe

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