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  1. Your opinion...then again, you're easily influenced by BS, obviously
  2. Get used to it, dude The funny thing is that many poster here actually listen to this dope, and act as if he's some sort of knowledgeable Jets "insider" Glad you can see through the BS
  3. Taught by their "trained in Denver" head coach
  4. I rewatched the game this AM In defense of Slauson, he made an attempt to get aroung the front of the player Watching the Houston cut block on a regular basis...how DeVito is walking today is beyond me....Derek Newton is a dirty f&ck
  5. WHat is this Jets teams record with Brady? It's all about the QB....no one bitched in '09-'10 when the team went for it by mortgaging the future per se' It is what it is...The JEts can win with Sanchez, but need to fill the roster with pro bowlers to do so
  6. By some of the statements made today, it's obvious some are not too bright
  7. Hate to break it to all of you....the winner of the election is far more important than a game of football
  8. You're a joke The kid was the only one getting into the backfield yesterday
  9. Lets not go that farM Mark showed a little yesterday...he wasn't too bad....hopefully he realizes he has to cut down the turnovers....turnovers have killed this team
  10. Dunbar came to the Jets with a pretty strong resume......Not sure he's not one to blame at this point
  11. It's not that bad....but the LB'ers are complete crap at this point....need to address that in the off season
  12. Tell me you didn't want to see more Tebow last night....he played well, and is a spark Not saying to replace Mark, but let the kid have a series or two...remember when Brad Smith would get a full series
  13. Jones and Coples play different positions...hard to compare
  14. Coples flashed yesterday Big Mo, well what can you say....last year was so promising, this year he looks lost
  15. IMO he's a typical owner in it for the $$$$ If you owned the team, wouldn't you want to see the seats? I also think Tebow should be used more....not starter more, but let the kid get into rhythm Kill him for wanting to make money? C'mon Why else did you let me back? Post counts help...lol
  16. Don't want to let the kid grow into the position? You're unreal......you love having it both ways
  17. Woody isn't afraid to spend the $$$$ Not quite sure why the hate for the guy, outside Jets fans always want to fire or get rid of someone
  18. WIth what we had playing WR, not too sure why people are upset we lost We played them tough, and had a chance to win at the end
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