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  1. am I missing something on this?

    didn't he have to do something recently to violate his probation for them to issue jailtime?

    i'm not familiar with the whole process, maybe someone who may be can educate me on it...kobe?

  2. reds have volquez for the friday game so its not automatic that guy is amazing and i wouldnt call them hapless they have bats jsut there defense stinks right now

    nice...my brother is in from California, and we are going to the game Friday night....was hoping to see Volquez or Cueto. who's going for the Yanks, Mussina?

  3. they let Willie hold his post game press conference, where he talked about building on the win and having a productive road trip. THEN they get back to the team hotel and THAT is when Omar fires him! What a complete cluster F--k by a complete cluster F---k of an organization

  4. just like the way they handled the Church situation, the Mets front office screwed this up as bad as they possibly could have. Why not fire him Monday morning, and not make Willie, Peterson & Nieto make the 6 hour flight, WIN a game, then fire them and make them make the 6 hour flight back.

    I've lost alot of respect for Omar here.

  5. AS 80 said, Bosco is relatively new to the "powerhouse" seen. Through the 80's & '90's it was Bergen, then St. Joe's, with Bosco lagging far behind. Hackensack, with Toal as coach, Ramapo and Wayne Hills were also way ahead of Bosco is football. It wasn't until they realized that they could recruit, and got Toal from Hackensack, that they became a national power in football, and in many sports.

    As for Bush, he COULD be a stud. Amazing amount of talent, but not the best work ethic. I have many friends that coach Bergen County HS teams, and just about all of them say the same thing about this kid, "amazing upside, but not sure he wants to work hard enough to get there." If he would get in the weight room, he could get to 225-230 by this season, and get even bigger when he gets to a college program. Too slow to be a legit WR.

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