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  1. I'd fly to Japan to pick up Bobby V. right now...at least HE would have the sack to hold the veterans accountable, unlike Willie

    hopefully Mets have a 1:00 pm press conference on Monday...get rid of the entire staff, Peterson and his jacket too! Are those 15 minutes with Victor Zambrano up yet??? :rolleyes:

    Bring in Bowa, or Maz or even Buck Martinez, but get Mazzone as pitching coach! Why wait till the all-star break when this team is 15 games below .500 to make a change?

  2. brother is coming in from California, and the poor guy is a Yankee fan. :winking0001: Wants to go to the stadium before they move down the block.

    Looking for tix to anyone one of the games between June 17 and June 21st. San Diego and Cincinnati.

    If anyone can help, before I have to go to ebay and get raped, it is appreciated....the help, not the raping! :)

  3. Lebron is a man child who can drive to the hoop whenever he wants. if he becomes a 80-85% foul shooter, it will make that part of his game even more ridiculous.

    pierce finally stepped up and reminded Celtic fans that no matter if KG or Allen is here, it is STILL Pierce's team. great game 7 for him...did anyone see Ray Allen today? did he play? :rolleyes:

    those that aren't piston or celtic fans, watch the western conf. finals...the east is going to be ugly! first team to 75 wins!

  4. The difference in the minds of Gainzo and toon88 are this:

    The batter is the same one who the night before hit the game winning Homerun off of Joba. Joba is coming back as to say I got you now, and he was even seen mouthing "I'm back". Everyone has a rough outing and he was taking out his frustration for it.

    I don't complain when Papelbon does it, even though its ridiculous that he isn't critized as much as Joba and this is what? Maybe the third or fourth time THIS SEASON that Joba has celebrated after an inning.

    As for the "its just the 8th inning" garbage. Hello, this is Yankee land, and especially this year so far, once we have a lead after the 8th, ITS OVER. I wouldn't care if Okajima did it or whoever the pathetic Mets role out there either. Then again 88, your precious Wagner blows games like they're going out of style, Gagne style. At least he did last year.

    There is no double standard. Standing there staring is being a d'bag. Celebrating after you strike somewhat out or while you're rounding the bases is expected and a known fact that its going to happen. Only d'bags such as Ramirez stand there and admire a Homerun that half of the time means nothing.

    this entire paragraph makes zero sense joe, and only shows you doing what you always do, go on the defensive and try to take down other teams when someone tries to have a grown up conversation about one of your teams.

    anyway, so Joba has done it "3 or 4 times" this season...how many times has he struck a guy out to end the inning this season??? 3 or 4 times has to be a very high percentage I would think.

    As for Ramirez standing there and watching...drill him between the numbers next time up. You can't do that with Joba. That's why Clemens had no problem drilling people all those years, and Pedro....they didn't have to get in the batter's box.

    Arod does his little bat flip, Ramirez stands there until it lands, Joba dances and shouts and pumps his fist. Congrats guys, you did your job that you are getting paid a TON of money to do.

  5. There is a difference between a pitcher celebrating an inning ending strikeout, a batter celebrating AS HE ROUNDS THE BASES and a scumbag d'bag like Manny Ramirez standing at home plate staring for five seconds at a home run that just made the game 11-2 in the Bottom of the 4th inning. Big difference.

    Anyway, Joba should be able to do this and I hope doesn't stop. It shows that he actually cares and its great to see the players showing emotions on the field. I'd rather have an emotional player over someone who just goes out there and is never fired up. I don't trust a dull player, like Alex Rodriguez, when the game is on the line. Never.

    Joba struck a guy out with nobody on, with a 3 run lead...where is the big situation there? He said when he struck out Frank Thomas, "I did it because he has been an idol of mine, I had posters of him on my wall growing up." Lame....what's the deal with Dellucci? Because he took him deep 2 nights before, this was some sort of payback?

    I'm not a fan of it, but I don't mind the excitement or "gamesmanship" some guys show, but don't look at it with yankee colored glasses on. If Joba can do it, then don't complain when Papelbon does it, don't complain when Manny hits one 600 feet off Mussina and doesn't leave the box until it lands. Should he get drilled between the numbers next time up? Absolutely. But when Joba does it, ARod or Jeter shouldn't get upset when they get dusted.

    Also, I've seen alot of posts saying that Delucci is just a scrub and journeyman, my question is, if that's true, and Joba is indeed the pitcher he looks like he is, isn't he supposed to strike guys like Dellucci out then?

  6. You know one thing I hate about some people? I remember last year, I went to all the games I could at TD Banknorth Garden. There was barely anyone in the crowd and no one ever cheered loudly. I think it's funny how people just start coming to games just because the Celtics are good now. It annoys the **** out of me when people ride the bandwagon and call themselves true fans!

    funny how a Jets fan posts this....did you ever see the stands at December games in the early '90's? I did, it was pretty lonely in there, going against New Orleans when we were 1-14. If the tickets weren't already paid for, I wouldn't have been there!

    it happens with EVERY sports franchise....why spend your hard earned money on a team that can't compete, when there are alot of more important things to spend it on, like food, diapers, mortgage etc...

    just because some people choose to spend their money on their family, and watch the games at home instead of spending a ton of money at the arena doesn't make them less of a fan that others.

  7. Classy posts from those classy Devils fans as always.

    go to a Ranger game at MSG, sit in the blue's, watch what happens to anyone wearing a jersey of the opposing team...then come talk to me about class.

    A loser Ranger fan called my mother a whore at a game once, thankfully it was the 3rd period so I only missed half a period for going up to kick his a s s. Does that mean all Ranger fans are deuchebags? No...so when a couple of people wish a ill-will on Avery, don't write a post painting all Devils fans with a broad brush.

    The anger that the Rangers season is coming to a very dissappointing end should be directed elsewhere joe...like at nyjet10!

  8. As for your last comment, I hope Queen Marty is shot or has some errupt in his body for his crybaby attitude and his poor sportsmanship. Would serve him right.

    wow...didn't think you were as classless as that joe. maybe you should have wished that upon henrik before his masterful performance last night, or maybe the "power" play that had TWO 5 on 3 chances and came up empty. but go ahead, direct your anger towards Marty and the Devils if it helps ease the pain.

  9. Boy are the Devils fans obsessed with us. Realize your season is over and has been over and the Rangers owned you all season. This is pathetic. Stop being so obsessed with a team you supposedly hate with a passion.


    this is what you get when you thump your chest, then get bitch slapped. Some Devil fans on here deserved it after the Rangers spanked them, now it is the Rangers fans turn...deal with it...that's how sports goes.

    p.s.- karma is a bitch, huh sean? :rl:

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  10. Seriously. Your pathetic Devils who were bitch slapped and owned by the Rangers all season long were eliminated by the Rangers so its time for you to leave and go praise Queen Marty somewhere else. This is a PLAYOFFS thread, something your team is currently NOT involved in.

    so when the Pens beat the Rangers, no Ranger fan is allowed to post anymore? :wtf:silly joe, just silly.

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