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    if Pens get any kind of consistency from Fleury, they will win the east. no matter, IMO the Wings are crushing anyone from the east in 5 at most!
  2. strange that a guy who has nailed Elisha Cuthbert & Rachel Hunter among others, has to pay for it now! I love his explanation how his name is on the list, " it must be an April Fool's joke!!!"
  3. translation: "if I wasn't stupid enough to give him that 3 year extension last summer, he'd be coaching Indiana University right now."
  4. the fact that there are 3 bids on this is hilarious!
  5. toon88


    The Devils have been bad against the Islanders as well this year, are they better than them?
  6. although I'm a Mets fan, my favorite player of all-time is Graig Nettles. I was a teenager when he was in his prime with the Yanks, and loved the way he played. Balls out every play. The '78 series was the best defensive series ever played by a player, hands down. He was the reason I wore #9 my whole career in high school, college & minor league ball. God bless Graig!
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    as Metallica said Joseph..."careful what you wish for"
  8. april 8th at Shea., already took the day off to be there for the 17th straight year. the final opener in that building. yeah it's a dump, but it's our dump. seen alot of memorable games there, but it is long overdue to have a new building.
  9. sorry to hear about your loss Joe. may she rest in peace.
  10. If this was Coco Crisp spiking Jeter, Coco would be a cheap player and a POS, so let's look at it without the interlocking NY glasses on. The whole thing should have been over when the guy got plunked. Duncan had an agenda to do something today, just look at his quotes from the other day. Duncan is a loose cannon, has a reputation in the minors as such. The running over of the catcher was a little over the top, but I can't fault a kid trying to play hard and make his way through the organization. Maybe if he side steps the catcher or gives himself up, they take it as him being soft, and he is sent back to single A camp next week, who knows. The only reason it became a problem was because the catcher boke his wrist. So you plunk Longoria or Crawford the next time you play them, and it's over. No need to go into 2B with spikes up, especially that high. And Gomes, what a punk! Hey Johnny, I wouldn't dig in too deep when you face Hughes next time pal.
  11. he is a part owner of the Arizona Diamonbacks....shouldn't he be a fan of them now???
  12. The story behind him wearing the Mets cap in Ciy Slickers was he was getting ready to do that Comic Relief thing with Robin Williams & Whoopie. He had asked the Yankees for a donation, and it was either not as big as he hoped or given with alot of hesitation. Then when he asked the Mets for one they couldn't have been more accomodating, so he decided to "take a jab" at the Yankees and wear the Mets cap. That is the story I remember reading about the situation a number of years ago. It came up when he was talking about doing the movie *61 I believe. Either way, what's next? Ben Afleck playing for the Red Sox? Jerry Seinfeld lacing them up in Port St. Lucie? Stay in movies Billy, you don't need the publicity and neither do the Yankees.
  13. He is a part owner of the Diamonbacks!!! Wonder how they feel about this!
  14. like The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase said, EVERYONE HAS A PRICE! I would LOVE to see you Joe in the preppy outfit!
  15. on a league-wide level, you would hope they play either Detroit or Montreal. Local interest would love to see the Rangers-Islanders play. Think it's a great idea either way.
  16. I've lived in Jersey for 37 years, and I have NEVER heard of BC Sports. Where are they located?
  17. I've lived in Jersey for 37 years, and I have NEVER heard of BC Sports. Where are they located?
  18. is a 13 year old allowed to call ANY pro athlete a kid???
  19. toon88


    lose the feelings....keep the sex. she obviously has a screw loose if she has been banging you for a few months while still dating this guy. she can't be trusted in the future by you obviously, you know her history now. keep banging her if it's good, well, at least until her boyfriend comes to kick your a$$!
  20. well, where I come from if you give another guy oral and have him give it to you, you aren't crazy....you are a homosexual.
  21. I want to see him play at the same level without a Julius Peppers playing next to him before I mold his bust to Canton. that being said, it was a nice pick up for the Jets.
  22. i can vouch for Carl being a Pens fan. we had a nice thread going last year about the Atlantic Division. As for the pick up. Not sure it is what the Pens needed to get over the hump. Don't see anyway how they are the favorite in the east though, not without a goaltender. Devils didn't do anything to improve themselves at the deadline, which is rare for Lou, and I have zero confidence that Ottawa has the defesne or goalie to win it all. East is wide open in my mind.
  23. did I miss something...since when do the Devils play the Isles & Rangers 8 times each??? BTW...excellent win by the Devils today. back to back day games, 4 points. NICE!
  24. you would figure with 24 wins in a row, you would be in the playoffs??? amazing to me that the Devils are 1st in the conference with having 4 points all year vs NYI & NYR. if they would have won just 2 of those games earlier, they would have a 5 pt lead right now. oh well, they could be the Isles and be on the outside lookin in! good to see you back here mike...been lonely in here as the only Devil fan posting.
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