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  1. Give me a break. A Mets fan accusing Yankee fans of overrating their players? What's next? Britney Spears accusing people of being on drugs?

    Paul O'Neil was a great player when he was here and a critical part of winning the 4 championships. That's two championships more than your pathetic sideshow in Queens have ever won.

    Oh btw, contrary to what most Mess fans say, Mike Piazza is not the "greatest offensive catcher" of all-time. Not only was Johnny Bench better, but there is a guy named Josh Gibson who hit over 800 home runs and played the same damn position.

    Mess fans spit on baseball history anytime they say Piazza was the greatest hitting catcher of all-time. Yeah, he's so much better than a guy who hit over 800 home runs and is considered one of the top 20 players of all-time.

    thank you for the history lesson. remind me again where Mike Piazza ever came up in this thread? or where I said O'Neill is over rated? He was a very good player, not great. If you want to retire numbers of very good players, be my guest. just start printing triple digit jerseys soon.

    and again, I Love the Mess fan comment. shows you can have a grown up discussion on a message board. I guess only Met fans are allowed to post in Mets threads and Yankee fans are allowed to post in Yankee threads? Grow up.

  2. You're a mess fan, what do you know about winning managers?

    wow, good one. mess fan. :rolleyes:

    you have been spoiled. you were born at the perfect time. you don't remember the yankees being bad, they started winning titles again when you were 10! ask the Yankee fans who went through the Stump Merrill days if they think Torre should have his #6 retired.

  3. Posada is one of my favorite yankees ever and I think that he an o'neill deserve to have their numbers retired over bernie and torre anyday. I disagree with Torre's number being retired. He was given the best team by far and won, it's not that hard to not **** up. Plus there have been many years when he had the best team in the league and lost.

    this line always makes me laugh. the manager gets way too much credit and way too much blame. when Mo threw the ball into CF against Arizona, was that Torre "f'ing it up"?

    bottom line is while he was managing they made the playoffs every year. won 4 titles in 12 years. his mistake was winning too much too soon. got people spoiled. if he won a world series every 3 years, he would have had 4 in 12 years and would still be managing the yanks. All this being said, I think baseball manager in the A.L. is a very over rated job, BUT they will retire #6 for him, like it or not.

  4. "I don't know what they're smoking down at Penn," said Yankees fan Mike

    Birch, 32. "That's preposterous. I completely disagree. Jeter's a clutch player."

    is this madmike???

    is this the same study that said Jeter was the most over rated player in the game? :rolleyes:

    nobody EVER, does the backhanded stop and jump to the left field line while throwing a seed to 1B better than Jeter.

  5. O'Neill was a MUCH player than Posada has been.

    never said Posada was a better player. was never a big fan of either one, but as an outsider, I think Posada was alot more important to the Yankee teams than O'Neill. By the time he is done, he will have played 15+ years at an extremely high level for a catcher. Torre, Jeter, Mo, Bernie & Posada are guarenteed to have their numbers retired in my mind.

  6. I agree. It's mostly Yankee haters who don't like O'Neil b/c he kicked their ass all those years that are against it.


    yeah, that's it. has nothing to do with retiring WAY too many numbers of "good" players. a retired # should be something special and done for great players, like Jeter, Bernie & Rivera. I'd consider Posada way before I even think of retiring O'Neill's. Just because he was popular and a good player doesnt't mean he should have his number retired. If that was the criteria Mookie Wilson's # would have been retired, or Mickey Rivers.

    Save the number retiring for the greats.

  7. The website is a joke. Pretty much same experience. The same crap; all the website did was direct you to an "auction" of field tickets and VIP tickets for $500 and $600 apiece. We were able to get VH tickets by calling Ticketmaster in MSG by calling their Atlanta phone number, but that didn't work today; just patched you through to their NYC number, where the line was busy.And then they hung up on you.

    Let em knoe if you hear of any tickets that are reasonable. My kids don't need 1st row, just in the stadium, preferably not in the upper deck.

    went on later in the day just to see what the deal was. was able to get behind home plat, upper level, row R...uh, no thanks. stage is out in CF. I may as well be watching from Laguardia!

  8. I got screwed too Bugg.

    What the hell is 507tixx.com anyway??? it took me 45 mins to get a connection to the site this morning, and when I finally get through with the crap of entering in a squiggly code word they tell me they are sold out.

    Billy Joel puts on one hell of a show. Have seen him 6 times over the years. Somehow, someway I'm gonna get tix to this show, just hope I don't have to bend over for the scalper...again. :dohslap:

  9. 9 years of being the best player on the yankees, being a leader, playing 100% on every play, every pitch. I would retire his number of torree's and Bernie's any day of the week and twice on sunday.

    paul o'neill was the best player on the yankees for 9 years???

    i can't stand the yankees and I would put him behind Jeter, Bernie, Rivera at least.

  10. if the yankees keep retiring #'s of "good" players, they will have to us triple digit numbers soon.

    my barometer is higher than most I think. You have to either be a great HOF player, or be a very, very good player and have played at least 10 years with the team for me to retire your number. That's just me. I think a retired number is an unbelievable honor that should only go to the best.

  11. sounds like the Nets will get 2 first round picks as well.

    word is they will buy out Stackhouse's contract right away, and he will resign with the Mavs. Nets didn't want him, but had to take him in order to get inside the league trade mandate of 80% salary matchup.

    Why now, would the 24 Nets fans go to the games??? Kidd is gone and they are a lame duck team going to Brooklyn in a few years. Oh yeah, and prices for a "decent" seat are crazy.

    they will average 6,000 the rest of the year!

  12. they got screwed big time. clocked froze on .2 secs for about 2-3 seconds.

    what the hell were the refs looking at when they checked the replay??? it was clear as day that the clock stopped and game should have ended before the foul. The girl was still on her way down at .3

    tough way to lose for Rutgers. Imus must have been the clock operator.

  13. in a keeper league, and I'm going back and forth on who to keep. 2 keepers....

    1 of my keepers will be Johan Santana, that's the easy choice.

    my other keeper is between Vlad and Jimmy Rollins. Leaning towards Rollins since all the top SS's will be kept and getting a good OF with the 5th pick should be easier than getting a medicore SS. Plus Rollins is at the top of a good lineup and plays in a band box. 20 + steals helps out also.

    basic 5 x 5 league, combined AL & NL

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