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  1. No Lawson killed the Heels tonight. Just look at their turnover numbers. If he is running the point, that number is cut in half. Duke played well tonight and took advantage of the situation, good job by them.

    Both teams make Final Four in my opinion. Not alot of good teams in NCAA this year that I feel can make run at title.

  2. Most teams don't let players on crutches or with broken bones or concussions on the sidelines for games. Too much of a risk of getting further injured when the play comes at the sideline.

    Who cares if he had a beer while sitting in the luxury box?

    For all those ripping Shockey for not being on the sideline, ask Phil Simms where he was for the '90 Super Bowl when he was hurt. He didn't even make the trip, he was on his couch in Franklin Lakes because he said it would have been too tough to watch from the sidelines. Yet I never heard anyone rip the golden boy for that.

    Shockey is outspoken, mostly to a fault, and is an idiot on the field and thinks he is Bavarro. For that he should be ripped, here, in my mind he didn't do anything wrong.

    If they want to dump him, I sure wouldn't mind seeing him in green.

  3. How about those Devils? ;)


    eat me joseph! :winking0001:

    everytime they play I wonder 2 things. 1) why aren't the Rangers better, they look so good against the Devils. 2) DAMN, the Devils are slow!

    their lack of speed outside of 1 line will be their downfall. No Pandolfo hurts them more than most people think, but they get hurt against the quick teams either way.

    worst part of it all was the 10K Ranger fans I had to deal with last night at The Rock. :dohslap:

    lastly...F U JOE!!!!

  4. Cashman and Theo seem pretty chummy, lately. I wonder if there was some collusion behind the scenes.

    had a buddy of mine say that this morning. he said, they probably said to each other, neither one of us really want him, and neither one of us want the other to get him. let's just make sure neither one of us winds up with him, and hope we can get him in the National League while we are at it.

    wouldn't be shocked if this actually went down this way.

    either way, worked out well for the Mets. :yahoo:

  5. first and foremost us Mets fans would like to thank Bill Smith for overplaying his hand weeks ago. Pitting the Yanks against the Sox was the right move. Asking both teams to give you everyone on their roster plus name their stadium Bill Smith Stadium was a little much. Luckily the Mets had enough mediocre talent to give up when the Yanks & Sox told Smith to ship Johan to the National League.

    Thank you Bill Smith...Thank you Brian Cashman...Thank you Theo Epstein.


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  6. I can not believe my integrity would be called into question here. After all I have done for you people. I have spoken out at length against Belichick. And now you turn on me and call me a cheater.

    Unreal. I didn't cheat.

    It was just a simple understanding about the rules. That is all. Greengal has clarified the rules for me. I had a different take on what was allowed initially. Now that I know you have to make your pics before the game is played I will adhere to the rules.



  7. Moving to that new arena in Newark was probably one of the dumbest moves in history. that place was empty last night. thousands of empty seats against a cross town rival.

    They wanted to revive Newark, but all they did was make people stay home and watch it. because I really want to drive into downtown Newark to see a sporting event. :lol:

    The equivalent of building an arena in downtown spanish harlem in the mid 80's :lol:

    they could have moved the team anywhere in the state, the problem is there just aren't that many Devils fans, period! the prices are out of control, and when your fan base is so small to begin with, you don't get the demand to go to games ,especially with crazy ticket prices.

    if they really wanted to "revive newark" they should put the Nets there, not a hockey team.

    like I've told everyone from the day I got my invoice for my season tickets, the Devils will be gone from NJ within 5 years.

    as for last nights game, DiPietro made one of the craziest saves I've seen in a long time on Zubrus with about 1:45 left. He has carried that team all year.

    Amazing to mo how the Devils have 3 points in 9 games against the NYI & NYR and are still atop the division.

    Gonna be a nice couple of months watching this division unfold with everyone seperated by just 6 pts.

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