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    I'm just a ray of sunshine in this miserable world.
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    Sunshine, Sports, Beach, Riding my High Horse and Shoe Shopping.
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    Whaa?? Eff the Jets!
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  1. Nah, I just refuse to be a jinx. I've noticed that over-confidence usually leads to great disappointment. So, I try to stay neutral - maybe lean towards the negative a little bit. It has worked six times!
  2. Hey Maximus! Hope all is well with you and the family!
  3. Not hedging. Pats O-line is sh*t right now. Will be better when Wynn gets back. Anyway, any given Sunday (or Monday), is true and it is your Super Bowl, so I expect to see a really good game from the Jets and if your efforts result I a win, I expect you to lose the following week, Why? History.
  4. If the Jets beat the Pats they will lose to Jax. That's what happens when you play your Super Bowl in October.
  5. except he wasn't wrapped up or going down. He was actively trying to get that first down. There was no intent or malice.
  6. nice try counselor. you should give a listen to Boston sports radio,
  7. yup....especially when Tyreek is heard on audio saying "you better be terrified of me too bitch!" Nothing says gold-digger like a petrified abuse victim.
  8. 1) Sports radio sets the agenda and morons call in. Actually, a percentage of the morons are actually fake calls being made by station employees. 2) Fans boo - that would be the bandwagon douchers or spoiled brats. Every team has their share. Long time fans understand the blessings. Long time fans don't call radio shows or feed into the media produced frenzy.
  9. I really don't. Enlighten me.
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