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  1. Best of luck today!

  2. Garb

    LOL....good thing I sat Peyton today....bad thing the rest of my team sucks balls. An early congrats to you, Lady. I bow to your FF mastery :)

  3. Garb

    it's a 4:00pm game. Weird.....it's not on Fox? Weird. Try justintv.com

  4. Garb

    Thanks for starting the "save the ta-tas's" thread. Too bad that idiot NYMick feels the need to ruin it - actually he ruins everything. Sad. Hope all in well!

  5. Garb

    Why aren't you gping to the game? You're one of their biggets fans - and certainly one of the nore intelligent fans here at JN :)

  6. Garb

    I'm not a Yankee hater either. I think I hate the Red Sox though :) Derek Jeter is a great player and will go down as one of the greatest Yankees of all time.

  7. Garb

    Brandies has a nice campus - but also has that urban feel. Waltham itself is a funny city. You have folks that are barely making it, utilize food stamps and don't speak much English - you have artists - you have green people - you have super rich - you have Celtics players. It's diverse, for sure. It's expensive as hell...what is it now? 50K a year? How effed up is THAT? Wow. She'd have a good chance of meeting a nice jewish boy there ;)

  8. Garb

    Nadda, Bumeblina. LOVED the pics of Carlie, btw. CUTIE PIE.....but dang, time flies! We're old! LOL!

  9. Pretty scary when you're the voice of reason in the Jersey thread - assuming you are the Tom Shane I know. :)

  10. I think bi-lingual classes are actually doing children a disservice. I really do. The best thing about our heritage is the work ethic we learned. I hardly ever see a lazy guinea. LOL!

  11. Garb

    Hey, Joe - I hardly ever check the email address I used to sign-up for the JN Fantasy league - could you do a girl a favor and remind her of when the draft is coming up? I want to be somehwat prepared so I can kick boy-hiney :)

  12. ....it's a gift that I rather enjoy at times. LOL! I find his board persona to be beyond silly. Maybe he's schizophrenic - and in that case, I feel bad. Kind of :) I want Steve and Joe back :(

  13. Garb

    I have no idea - but I think it's bad. I can't kneel on my right knee without being reduced to tears.....a burning pain - feels like a thousnad bee stings - and pulling sensation -outside of my knee, right ride. Dull pain when stable - some cracking Full range of motion though and no swelling. I think I either strained or tore a ligament.

  14. Garb

    No, that's about all I wanted to know - someone told me it was scary - I thought I'd ask someone who wasn't a drama queen! LOL!

  15. Garb

    Hey girlie - tell me anoput your knee issue - I'm having one - MRI tomorrow - is it scary? Never had an MRI.

  16. Garb

    you are welcome, my dear. Plus, it may piss off the biggest dooshie on JN. Rep bombs coming your way! LOL!! Another lovely New England summer day......oy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Congratulations, Grandpa! You must be over the moon!

  18. Thanks for all your movie reviews, btw. I, for one, appreciate them, and I never see a movie before I read one of your reviews. If it's bad, I skip it. Good job!

  19. Garb

    Glad you made it home safely! How long did it take you? Hey - go buy that Leon Washington Jersey!

  20. Garb

    I thought the picture was fgitting too! LOL! Great Avatar, btw. Cutie-pie.

  21. Garb

    BTW - I LOVED the dumpster truck driver line - MUST USE THAT ALWAYS.

  22. Garb

    Look what you started! You naughty, naughty girl! LOL!

  23. I feel your pain, Assmop. Although Cassell played better than evah.....the seconadry sucks donkey balls worse than evah. LOL! Either of these teams make the playoff's - it will be one and done.

  24. Thanks for the youtube link! That's awesome.

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