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  1. What? You didn't want to ask on February 2, 2015?
  2. LOL! It's never too late to open that mind of yours, you know. Good luck.
  3. Know what else is sad? Not teaching kids responsibilities and letting them know that excuses are cool. However, if there is a lesson to be learned its this: Karma is alive and well.
  4. Can't resist.... http://www.patriots.com/news/2015/10/30/too-cute-kids-explain-why-its-awesome-be-pats-fan and yes, this is "trolling" I guess..,.
  5. LOL! Same old angry Assmop. Walk-thru provem to be bullsh*t. MIT? Really? Brady getting paid under the table now? Avacado ice cream is a PED? Wow....you've actually gotten crazier.
  6. they talked about it during the telecast of the game. Guesd you weren't watching
  7. I think you take things like football too seriously. Go have a beer.
  8. I saw the Seahawks having radio issues last night....no story. Weird.
  9. Kicked our asses is a bit of a stretch....broke our souls with two miracle catches is more like it. I haven't seen Brady yell at an o-line since he was pummeled in 2007....and I'm still not sure he was. I think he just yells. He's a pretty passionate guy. BTW - my nephew LOVES UVM. Thinks Burlington is the cats pajamas. Lives off campus now with his girl. Pretty sure he's going to end up being a teacher in VT. Oy!
  10. Hey, Ecurb, are you the guy that is getting his PhD in Psych? I always heard that Border Personality Disorder is more of a character thing and not something that can be treated really...I find that odd. Any truth to that?
  11. Neither team has played an opponent that puts the fear of God in people....Indy is close? Pitt was without Bell - so, meh. Anyway, I wait until Thanksgiving when things will become clear and we'll know who the real contenders are..
  12. I somehow doubt that any perceived slight helps a player perform better. It's just more fodder for the "fans"
  13. Pats have been in 5 Thursday Night games so far - played AT once - against the Giants in 2007.
  14. Really? LOL!!! You know this happens all the time, right? As a matter of fact it happened in Buffalo for two, three weeks straight. Happened in Seattle. In Indy...in Denver, Charlotte, etc... it just doesn't get the press. (a little surprised your such a sheep)....go drink some more haterade. Anyway, a division win is always great. A win is always great. How you end the season is important too. Playoff contention games with meaning start around Thanksgiving time.
  15. I have a hard time voting for the Fraud...ooops...Wad guy...
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