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  1. Fug Sugg's weapon of choice. He's baddass.
  2. .....but it would be a Brady Jersey! Duh!!
  3. Call me nuts, but you need a good QB to get to the Super Bowl these days. A fantastic defense helps...a lot...but a lousy QB kills you, as you all know. Happy New Year!
  4. ....let me clarify, I care that it annoys you....read: I like that it annoys you. Okay? Happy Holidays to you.
  5. Well, lets just say I care that it annoys you. That honest enough for you, Spicoli?
  6. ....My horse was acting up yesterday. LOL! His name is Karma. btw. Good horse. Hardly any problems,
  7. ...but I'm still trying to figure out why the Jets traded for Tebow. Ticket sales, right? Merchandise sales, right? And, if that is indeed true, aren't you screwing over a good human? Bad QB, good human. Therefore, this year may just be karma biting you in the ass.....much like that effin' David Tyree helmet catch post spygate/2007 scoring splurge.
  8. In defense of the aspiring Jetsbabe, Tom Brady - by Brady standards - did have a mediocre day.
  9. I agree, but I'm pretty sure he hates the Jets as much as you all hate him. It's personal, obviously. Should he be above that? Yup. But we all know that BB is ...well....a d*ck.
  10. I don't care if this gets me banned - unbanmadmike, you are a piece of sh*t.
  11. Neither of these teams are lighting the world on fire tonight. It's a long game. It;s anyone's game. But, my first half observation is this: the Jets coaches are afraid of Mark Sanchez.
  12. I wasn't comparing the two. I just said that Hernandez, and his specific set of skills, could prove handy against the Jets.
  13. Gronk be back. Gronk rest. Gronk spike ball again. Honestly, Hernandez could prove more lethal to the Jets anyway.
  14. I hear McDaniels wants to play him all over the place - te, slot, h-back, 4 wide...the way he was utilized towards the end of the year last season.
  15. I hate the Jets like any normal person would......but, I'm kind of interested in Spermie's take on Markie's performance yesterday. I thought he played well. Spermie? SPERMIE! What are your thoughts? Are you capable of giving Sanchez any praise or are you just the kind of person that only posts when negativity reigns?
  16. Manza-Young of the Boston Globe is reporting that he could have played yesterday, but they opted to hold him out one more game. He'll be active Thursday night. Whether he'll be effective is another matter.
  17. Haven't been around much, but I may start visiting more often. Free comedy hour.
  18. Go back to bashing the Jets, it fits you better than the Pats jealousy thing.
  19. My Gosh! This is heartbreaking! So glad you and your family are doing okay. I'm at an loss for words when I see the absolute devastation - but I admire your attitude Bugg, My prayers go out to all the victims of that supreme bitch, Sandy. The idea of bodies just floating around makes me cry. Holy Hell.
  20. http://boston.barstoolsports.com/random-thoughts/does-this-look-like-the-face-of-a-dude-who-beat-the-sh*t-out-of-his-boyfriend-becasue-all-he-does-is-listen-to-alanis-morissette/
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