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  1. Don't sleep on Miami. From what I've seen, they get better each week.
  2. Nice to see a woman keeping the goofball's in line. Keep up the good work. This place needed someone like you around.
  3. Not bitter Jets fans, that;s for sure. Tebow!!!
  4. It probaby gets lost in the sea of delusion of the Tebowmaniacs...
  5. Like PatsFanTx? Geez....mods gone mad. No wonder Arod can't hit, you all took his roids.
  6. Is taking football seriously a bannable offense now?
  7. First of all, it's player smack talk. Fans get WAY too into it. Rexy for example, he was asked a question and he says something to the effect that he wants the Pats to know he thinks he's going to win. DUH! What's he supposed to say? Stupid media tricks. Second of all, this CB backtracked in an interview today...of course...and he also said that Tom Brady has no one on offense to help him...that they have no talent on offense besides Brady. LOL! So, I'm pretty sure this guy is a moron.
  8. What do you mean what my deal is? I'm just trying to understand how being banned for a tasteless joke regarding a molestation victim is anywhere close to being banned for calling a moderator a dope. I've seen FAR worse than "Dope" here. I'm assuming it's "personal" - and that's fine. It is what it is. I don't mean to offend you in any way....you'e a die-hard fan. That's great. I was just making a joke that you are far too positive about the team, therefore....ah, nevermind. Anyway, go read the Sanchez sucks thread for some Tuesday levity. Some new guy posting there had me in stiches.
  9. LOL! .....and delusional, Skippy!
  10. Oh I get it, like a parolee working at an office and getting canned for taking a paperclip. So, "Dope" is a bannable slur...but only when you are a past offender and you wound a moderator's ego. Got it.
  11. Ban dbatesman!!! He called someone Gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This thread is a total win, man.
  12. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are, without question, one of those good fans. Surprised Sperm hasn't banned you yet.
  13. Wasn't JonEJet banned for disagreeing with the greatest Jets fan of all, Sperm?
  14. Throw for 85 yards? This is how you beat the Pats: Throw deep, early and often. You won;t be able to consistently run on them....and really, there is no need. Just throw. This is how the Pats can beat the Jets. Run, early and often...and sprinkle a healthy dose of Hernandez.
  15. Hey, noticed that JonEJet is banned again? What was the infraction this time? Not agreeing with Sperm? Anyway, not that this this is any of my business, but Sanchez isn't very good but his current receivers are even worse and your OC may be just as bad as the one you all hated so much. Add to that a GM that does a sh*tty job at adding depth - well, you have an offense with holes.
  16. They give up passing yardage. Belichick seems content to give up plays in front of the secondary. It's maddening, but if the offense keeps going the way it hs been lately, who can argue?
  17. You all still doing that POTW thing? We got a winner here.
  18. So you expect San Fran to come to Gillette for night game in December and DESTROY the Pats offense? You're a genius!
  19. More like 9 months, but I get your drift. Kraft is a genius at marketing his brand. Woody Johnson is not. Believe it or not, Kraft gets so much adoration from his players....really. When Brandon Spikes openly tells anyone that will listen how much he loves Bob Kraft, you kind of beleive it. So many others have said the same thing. Bob Kraft was the face of the lock-outs ending - not Woody, not Dan Snyder. I get what your saying: Kraft is a tremendous bullsh*tter. He is. People totally buy into it. I almost do....but really, the team doesn't give me much to complain about....so, until they suck again, Krafts okay in my book. LOL!
  20. Dude, you've only been married for a year! LOL!
  21. Where was I talking about race in my response? Huh? Sometimes I think that people that infer race in all "sensitive" matters are the most racist of all. If I got a dollar for every time a well-educated, liberal person said "he's so well spoken" about a black athlete, I'd be rich. Shut up already, DB. Go play world of warcraft or whatever it is that people like you go to hone your fake people skills.
  22. Most of South Boston is so gentrified and artsy now, my guess is that half the folks that reside there would perfer an afternoon at Symphony Hall over an afternoon of football, wings and beer.
  23. Dude, busy summer. My Dad got sick and passed away. Lots to deal with there. Work load up at work, but more $/promo. Now time to relax and piss you folks off again.
  24. This girl lives in Baltimore. Jesus Christ, nothing has changed here.
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