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  1. Like I said before when the defense started to become terrible, poor  scheming, guys playing out of position, lack of adjustments and god awful coaching will eventually convince a fan base every player sucks.  So far we have Pryor being a  bust because  he is playing free safety instead of in the box strong safety.  Sheldon sucks because he is playing outside linebacker instead of defensive end. Hell we even had a Leonard Williams is a bust thread!!  Todd Blowes is way in over his head and like any family it's the children's that suffer when Daddy loses control of things. 

    1) You have to provide a $17MM CB over the top help when he can no longer cover one on one. Face the facts, Revis is toast.

    2) You have 4 studs on the DLine and you play a 3-4 defense with no pass rusher off the edge?

    3) You play a DLineman at ILB because your midget #1 draft pick gets abused.


  2. We can but I'd prefer not to.
    Fitzpatrick got paid backup money ($625K) in one season and starters money ($12M) in another season and he was the starter in one season and a backup in the other.  The dates on the paychecks were the only thing wrong in his tenure on the team from a financial standpoint.  Jets got what they paid for.
    I don't recall anyone jumping up and down last season when we beat the Giants and Patriots in OT to get our 9th and 10th wins shouting "This is unfair!  This guy is only making $625K!  We need to right this wrong!  We need to pay him more money right now!"
    SAR I

    Still don't agree.

    Starting Fitz these last 2 years set the Jets back big time.

    What did he deliver?

    10 wins and a huge choke job on a win-and-in game for the playoffs.


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  3. Yeah, and let's all forget the guy made $625K last year to be a Top 10 NFL quarterback, something we haven't seen since 1970.
    Average the 2 contracts out, he was a $6MM bargain who restored dignity and winning ways to the franchise for a calendar year.
    SAR I

    We'll just disagree on this one my friend.
  4. I'm at a lost.  Can't imagine Bowles could be this bad.  Good coordinator, good pedigree and did very well last year.  Of course against an easy schedule but still the offense and defense both very respectable.  You can just put so much on Fitz being a jag And  Revis  becoming s lard ass. Both sides of the ball are bottom 5 bad.  Maybe Bowles  needs a catscan or some sort of sports psychologist . Like he has had some kind of incident that is creating deficits in the football part of his brain. 

    Here's what I don't get Crush.

    Bowles was a damn good DC with the Cards, but where is that transition to the Jets?

    As poorly as Fitz has played this year, the Jets defense is a much bigger disappointment because of all the high expectations.

    That's all on Todd Bowles.

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  5. Well, he was last year. And chances are he will be again this year. That's why for a guy with his resume you don't give him a multi-year deal. When you have an offense that clicks like it did last season you don't start playing games for a million or two with the player the team wanted back as starting Qb. It can screw things up and it very well might have. btw if we have plenty of depth why terrible play esp in the secondary. And that's the area where Mac spent so much money.  And where's the depth on the O-line. 

    Come on 9, you are a much better poster than that.
  6. Woody thinks first about himself (and how he looks) and then about the team. The only reason he gave Revis that contract because it never made any sense.  If the Jets are in disarray and we regress to another 4-12 I'd be surprised if he doesn't fire Bowles. From my point of view it depends on just how bad things get. If he isn't able to at least get average play out of this team than I'm not against. it. Right now the team looks like they forgot how to play football. I hope things will improve.  

    1) Revis was nothing more than a bad business decision. Woody had his hands all over that from a PR perspective.

    2) Bowles will be back for 2017. Woody would look like a more incompetent fool than he actually is if he fires him this year.

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