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  1. That would be a knee-jerk reaction. No matter what happens this year, Bowles is back for 2017.
  2. Jets roster is decent? Jets have the oldest roster in the NFL and don't have one game-changing, playmaker on either side of the football. Vince Lombardi would not be 3-3 with that terrible roster.
  3. Todd Bowles is more clueless than Hermy, Mangini and Rex combined. Woody is the dumbest owner in the NFL.
  4. He is 10x better than the 4 QB's on the Jets roster.
  5. BB makes 10x the money that the Pats are paying Brady this year. Only reason the Pats went 3-1 without Brady was because of BB. Yea, all his "speeches" made him one of the greatest HC's of all-time. Really?
  6. Oxy's plus a 6-pack and you'd act like the Jets are 6-0.
  7. bit is a true Jets fan, no matter how much the HC's and players suck.
  8. The rating drop in the NFL has nothing to do with hard-core fans, and everything to do with the casual fan. You know, the ones who watch because Tom Brady is cute, that team has nice uniforms and OBJ has awesome hair. The real wake-up call to the NFL will come when the likes of Anheuser-Busch, Nationwide and Papa John's renegotiate their 2017 advertising contracts.
  9. I laugh at Jets fans who criticize Marvin Lewis. Double digit wins consistently and the playoffs for 6 straight seasons. When was the last time the Jets have had that length of sustainable success?
  10. Bowles is about as good as a HC as your boys DFat and Gholston played defense.
  11. You need to learn how the game of football is played. As long as OLinemen keep their arms and elbows into their bodies, they can clutch and grab all they want and no penalty will be called. Once they extend their arms to clutch and grab, holding will be called every single time. Well coached teams know how to do this.
  12. You do realize that offensive holding can be called on every single snap in a NFL game, right? Is that what you want to watch?
  13. You need to change your username. You completely missed my point. Yea, let's call more penalties to make the game more exciting.
  14. Bingo, my biggest peeve with officiating is when they call a penalty away from the play. Totally ridiculous. Perfect example was Sunday night. Texans just made a great defensive play on 3rd and 11 down the right sideline to stop a Colts drive. But the CB on the opposite side of the field was flagged for illegal contact for an automatic first down. WTF????!!
  15. The discrepancy between officiating crews is mind-boggling. As the Jets found out on Monday, I cringe when the Pats get Jerome Boger's crew. The game is usually unwatchable (like Monday night) when this crew works a game. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/10/18/monday-nights-officiating-crew-leads-the-nfl-in-penalties-called/
  16. The NFL needs to expand the 5-yard rule to 10-yards regarding illegal contact by the defenders. Half of those ticky-tack penalties would be eliminated.
  17. Didn't you say the Jets would be the sleeper team in the AFC this year?
  18. The Chiefs didn't have the worst offense and defense in the NFL last year.
  19. Nah, Crusher is the reason why there is a shortage in the first place.
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