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  1. What makes you think the Jets will beat the Browns? Kessler will light up the Jets secondary.
  2. Agree, Todd Bowles is the dumbest HC in the NFL Not even close.
  3. You might want to tell those 53 players on the Jets roster.
  4. You still would have been the best Jets player on the field last night.
  5. I have joewilly on my fantasy team over Decker next week.
  6. Come on Larz, I thought we were friends?
  7. Unfortunately, the Jets have no player on their roster that would fetch more than a 4th round draft pick. You think any team out there would trade for Mo with his ridiculous bloated contract?
  8. Jets should trade Decker for a first round draft pick.
  9. Exactly, conditional 4th at best.
  10. I thought Gruden did a very good job last night. He was looking for something positive for the Jets, but it never happened. BTW, that was the worst officiated NFL game (for both teams) that I ever watched. Those ticky-tack PI and defensive holdings penalties got to go. Let the players play the game!
  11. There will be a lot more Ravens fans than that at the game. It's only a 4-5 hour day trip for them.
  12. You can use the "cruel and unusual punishment and mental anguish" for a 100% deduction. It is under 607d of the tax code. Just ask SouthParkCPA.
  13. Sure you do, that's how you improve your football team. Both Fitz and Mo were terrible moves by the Jets.
  14. Gotta agree with BP here. Road games are great to attend. Since we moved down here, only been back to Gillette twice, but we attend 1 or 2 road games each year. Next trip is for the 49ers game on 11/20. Then spending the next 5 days in San Francisco and Napa Valley.
  15. What do the Jets have to do differently to tank the season?
  16. That is just a very solid post. I'm a huge Jackson fan as well and think he is in a great position with the Browns.
  17. One Oxy every 4 hours, not 4 at a time.
  18. Doesn't matter one iota. Pats will kick the Steelers ass with or without Big Ben. Pats are the superior team.
  19. List the games the Jets will be favorites.
  20. Lesser competition? The Jets will be underdogs in all 7 of those games. The schedule has absolutely nothing to do why the Jets are 1-4.
  21. Taylor was too sporadic last year. Looks like he has got his $hit together this year. He had a great game today.
  22. Recently, it has. I miss the good days.
  23. Max really needs to put an age limit for membership on the board.
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