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  1. Gruden tore Fitzpatrick and the Jets apart last night he said what many of us have said on this very forum on national tv. 

    I thought Gruden did a very good job last night. He was looking for something positive for the Jets, but it never happened.

    BTW, that was the worst officiated NFL game (for both teams) that I ever watched.

    Those ticky-tack PI and defensive holdings penalties got to go. Let the players play the game!

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  2. I go to games. I prefer to go on road trips, they're more fun. Arrowhead is a nice facility. In and out in 2 seconds with a huge concourse. So is the stadium in Miami. No lines in the bathrooms. And those tickets are cheap bro!! And the game day xp is more fun! Join this broke ass Jets fan in Miami in a couple of weeks!

    Gotta agree with BP here.

    Road games are great to attend.

    Since we moved down here, only been back to Gillette twice, but we attend 1 or 2 road games each year.

    Next trip is for the 49ers game on 11/20. Then spending the next 5 days in San Francisco and Napa Valley.

  3. Because they both come from a background investing heavily in analytics.  Because Jackson has a history of putting together great offenses, and was fired unfairly by the Raiders when he was HC there (he went 6-0 in the AFC West that year).  Because even at 0-6, that Browns team has shown no quit.  Because they have a massive stockpile of draft picks due in part to ripping off the Eagles on that trade (Wentz is solid, but they will likely get an even better QB out of the 2017 draft).  And because Hue was incredibly impressive in his hiring interview, just as he's been as a person throughout his career:  An impressive individual.

    The Browns are throwing a lot of young players on the field this year and are experiencing significant growing pains.  But it will pay off in the end. 

    That is just a very solid post.

    I'm a huge Jackson fan as well and think he is in a great position with the Browns.

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  4. The Jets are the victims of bad scheduling, we knew this going in, once we get out of Arizona with a hard-fought loss we'll be set for our 6-1 run against lesser competition. 

    Lesser competition?

    The Jets will be underdogs in all 7 of those games.

    The schedule has absolutely nothing to do why the Jets are 1-4.

  5. You don't get to comment on this topic.  You probably weren't even born the last time the Cheats QB sucked.  Or at least that's how childish you behave at times.  Well, maybe not.  You did have to "suffer" through  Brissett for all of two games.  Take a hike.

    Max really needs to put an age limit for membership on the board.

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