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  1. Fitz has a higher completion percentage than Rogers.
  2. Cleveland, and the Jets will be +5.5 underdogs when that game is played in Cleveland.
  3. Jets will be #31 in all of the Power Rankings this week.
  4. Have the Jets ever made the right choice?
  5. Couldn't agree more CB, Taylor is playing lights out and that DL is the best in the NFL.
  6. They sell 3 levels of kool aid for Jets fans: Age: 0-30 years of age, very high potent. Age: 31-47 years of age, moderately potent. Age: 47 years and older, it just doesn't work.
  7. Bills have a very good football team. They beat the Pats in Buffalo in a couple of weeks, they will be the first team to lead the AFCE this late in the season, other than the Pats, since 2001.
  8. Just some friendly advice, you might want to pick another poster to bust balls. The Ape will eat you alive.
  9. How the hell did the Bills lose to the Jets? Pats biggest game in the AFCE in 10 years coming up in a few weeks.
  10. Yea, Peyton has a career losing record in the playoffs.
  11. Why would anyone be shocked if the Jets went 1-5?
  12. If a NFL QB does not have basic mechanics, what else is there?
  13. If it weren't for the Jets, Hack would have been a 4th round pick.
  14. That post is like the Maxman of 15 years ago. Well played!
  15. What games were you watching? The Jets got blown out by the Chiefs, Seahawks and Steelers.
  16. Other than delusional homerism, how is Arizona a "very winnable" game? The Jets are 8 point underdogs and Fitz has such a great record playing good teams on the road.
  17. I'm all set, it will be the Pats versus the Vikings. As I get older, all these Super Bowls get kind of boring.
  18. Two questions: 1). How did the Mets do this year? (Who the f*uck gives a crap about MLB? Soccer is more exciting). 2). How many murders in your great city this week?
  19. PatsFanTX is just an objective, smart, well-informed poster, who likes to bring balance to the board.
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