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  1. Jets lose to Cincy at home and give up 360 yards passing and since then Cincy is 1-4. Jets win at Buffalo but still give up 30 points and allow 2 big plays and 300 passing yards. Jets get embarrassed at KC turning ball over 8 times and KC is only 2-2. Jets are embarrassed at home against Seattle letting a hobbled Wilson shred them for 300+ yards. Jets get embarrassed at Pitt allowing Big Ben to rape them for 380 yards in the air, the same team that just lost to a crappy dolphins team. Do you see a pattern here? The only team that is playing worse than the jets is Cleveland and I'm not so sure we will beat them either. Sad.

    Jets will be #31 in all of the Power Rankings this week.

  2. Hmmmmmmm big time of you saying Bills beat the Bills in a few.  I think the key is Taylor in that he doesn't turn over the over the ball and the DL is outstanding..

    Couldn't agree more CB, Taylor is playing lights out and that DL is the best in the NFL.

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  3. Where do they sell this Kool Aid.? I will need some for 2017.
    This year was over 2 weeks ago.

    They sell 3 levels of kool aid for Jets fans:

    Age: 0-30 years of age, very high potent.

    Age: 31-47 years of age, moderately potent.

    Age: 47 years and older, it just doesn't work.

  4. Patriots defeat the Bengals 35-17. Based on your ability to predict winners, I suggest you definitely empty your savings account and go buy lottery tickets.

    Just some friendly advice, you might want to pick another poster to bust balls.

    The Ape will eat you alive.

  5. Following the Bills game and they look real good, real good. DL looks good and Taylor Rex' personal pick, he wanted him for the Jets, is kicking butt and is the REAL DEAL....
    And that is with Kap playing extremely well and with WRs dropping passes.
    No question that Rex did the right thing in removing and changing the OC
    Oh Boy.....
    That is all....

    How the hell did the Bills lose to the Jets?

    Pats biggest game in the AFCE in 10 years coming up in a few weeks.

  6. No they are not again where do you come up with this sh*t.
    You do not pay for jack sh*t other than the seat you are sitting in and stadium related employees. 
    TV money comes from advertisers and the network the game is on.
    Dont own a dog,basement doesn't smell and dont eat stale pretzels.  
    Sit down shut up in your game day argyle,khaki's,underoo's,hush puppies and your man bag packed with hand warmers,throat drops and purell wipes and enjoy the game. 

    SAR owns a man bag?

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