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  1. wins the stupedist post I see on this board. If you think we are losing twice to the Fins I got a bridge to sell you. The colts? The 49ers? Just stop please, you sound silly.

    Do you watch the games with your eyes closed?

    The Jets are a bottom 5 team.

    They will be lucky to split with the Phins and will get absolutely smoked by the Colts and 49ers.

    Open your eyes and put down the green kool aid.

  2. ...and in three more weeks it will happen again.  nobody is surprised Rex coaches good enough to keep his job. Kinda his thing.

    I watched the entire Bills / Rams game on Sunday.

    Bills looked like a very good football team and Rex made every correct coaching decision (and I'm not a big Rex fan) throughout the game.

    Let's see Rex's sustainability.

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  3. An elite NFL team is one that is superior to most others and is capable enough to consistently beat any other team in the league.  Generally have made the playoffs consistently, have won 10-12 games consistently, have won their division consistently.
    I don't watch basketball.
    SAR I

    Wrong, elite NFL teams win 12-14 games per year for a 15-year period, not only 10-12.

    And who the f*ck watches basketball?

  4. In this vain...Id like to see Geno given a shot. if he performs poorly. Release him immediately ala Parcells. Dont let him on the bus..    The team has no respect for Bowles and frankly neither do we fans.
    Why? Because he will never do what you suggested.

    I have no idea why any Jets fan would disagree with this post.

    Where the F*ck are the Jets going with Ryan Fitzpatrick? Playoffs???????

    Start Geno through the bye week and then see what Petty and Hack have to offer.

    Bowles is the dumbest HC in the NFL.

  5. He already blew one opportunity. We were close to trading up for Wentz, he just couldn't pull the trigger.

    That's just an emotional response based on what Wentz has done so far this year.

    The Eagles moved up from #9 to get Wentz at a huge cost.

    You have any idea what it would have cost the Jets to move up from #19?

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  6. This along with punting on 4th and inches equals an easy won for any team playing the Jets this season. 

    I dont see us winning another a game if there arent changes. 

    Todd Bowles is a much bigger problem for the Jets than having the worst starting QB in the NFL.

    Never in my life have I seen a NFL HC call a TO when the friggn' clock was stopped in crunch time.

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  7. PatsFanTX,  His statement was 100% definite. He said "No franchise Qbs = No Super Bowl" I just proved him wrong. 
    And you use "Super Bowl contending teams" That to me suggests AFC NFC Championship. Mark Sanchez played in 2. So by your logic, Mark Sanchez is a franchise QB.

    Again, Super Bowl contending teams (95% of them) have a franchise QB.

    If I'm not mistaken, Sanchez has never played in a Super Bowl game.

    He is nothing more than the AFCCG game blind squirrel, regardless what junc and SAR say.

  8. Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, an washed out Peyton Manning. Rex Grossman made it to a Super Bowl. REX GROSSMAN.
    In the end, there are no guarantees

    You cite 3 QB's out of 50 Super Bowl games.

    What about the other 47 games?

    Even a blind squirrel.......................................

    Super Bowl contending teams have one thing in common.

    A franchise QB.

  9. The worst part is, they didnt even consider other options because of the love affair with Ryan ******* Fitzpatrick.  They let him hold them hostage all offseason, creating QB controversy and unnecessary attention for an entire offseason for Ryan ******* Fitzpatrick.  And our Head Coach, a former DC...hand picked him!!!!   This is a guy who used to lick his chops when Fitz was on the schedule when he coached D and now he's tied his career to him as a HC.
    Only the Jets. 

    Unfortunately, you are 100% correct.

    I laughed my ass off when the Jets signed Fitz for $12MM one day before training camp.

  10. What I would've done was offer Fitzpatrick a 5-7 million dollar deal. If he doesn't take it, we sign Brian Hoyer and have him compete with Geno and Petty for the starting job, and I never draft Hackenberg. 

    Yesterday, Hoyer was 33/43, 75%, 397 yards, 2 TD's, 0 INT's and a 120.0 QB rating.

    He's playing for $2MM this year but the Jets thought that paying Fitz $12MM was a better option.


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