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  1. What team in the NFL would pay a friggn' Safety $15MM with $6MM guaranteed? His bloated contract is for him to be a shutdown CB, which he hasn't been in several years, and won't be anytime soon.
  2. Hey joewilly, did you slip Bowles some of your painkillers yesterday?
  3. He needs to shake off the rust He had an incompletion rate of 30% yesterday. He needs to play better.
  4. It was 0-24 going into the Steelers game. It is now 0-25
  5. Is that a joke? Taylor is head and heels better than Fitz.
  6. Yea, 3 yards and a cloud of dust is so exciting.
  7. Metinks Mrs. Crusher has been feeding him.
  8. Yea I was. I think that was a Dante Scarnecchi call more than BB. Dante knows what he is doing with the Oline.
  9. Gotta love a fan of a 1-3 (soon to be 1-5) football team who hasn't made the playoffs in a half a decade criticizing the most successful NFL franchise in the last 15 years. Does that make you feel good?
  10. That's what smart football teams would have done.
  11. You can still beat Revis deep on a go route. Get well JW12!
  12. Exactly, if Joe Klecko can't get in, how the hell will Revis?
  13. 2 biggest criteria the HOF voters use: 1) Stats 2) Rings Revis comes up way short on both.
  14. 28 picks in 10 years is not an automatic ticket to Canton. Revis is not the slam dunk that Jets fans think he is.
  15. To attend more Weight Watchers meetings.
  16. Those teams have Cam, Luck and Rivers as their QB's. The Jets have Fitz. See the difference?
  17. In his career, Fitz is 0-24 on the road against teams .500 or better. I'm sure the Jets will be sitting at 3-3 in two weeks.
  18. What makes you think that? The Jets will be underdogs in all 4 of those games.
  19. Seriously? Who gives a flying f*uck what other fan bases think?
  20. So the Jets have a more talented defense than the 2nd greatest defense in the history of the NFL? Where do you guys come up with this stuff?
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