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    The Who, The Beatles, Buffy
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    Court Jester
  1. Another footnote from Non-Sequitar Theatre...
  2. Picked up my bag Run to the station Railman said "You've got the wrong location!"
  3. I said move over, Honey, I'm travellin' on that line...
  4. Funny Ha-Ha or Funny I need to look into a restraining order???? OK, to recap: Scrubs is funny because it is stream-of-conscious absurity--it was funnier as "Dream ON" but it's still funny!!! Why is "Desperate Housewives" good? Two words: Eva Longoria....you do have a pulse, don't you? Boston Legal? It has Mark Valley, once the star of "Keen Eddie"...cool! Bren's back! I've seen it...good to see it again! And I still can't believe GGG saw an episode of Seinfeld...must be that day around the All-Star break when no sports are played!!! You go girl! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...to infect a new thread!
  5. Waitaminute!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gang Green Girl has a TV??? Why wasn't I informed????????? I've been done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I just lost the only girl I had If I could get my way I'd get myself locked up today But I can't So I'll Cry Instead
  7. 1,300...that's got to be lucky someplace, GG!!!!!!!! Don't wanna cry whe there's peole there I get shy when they start to stare...
  8. JFBM--Good lookin' out on the save-the-thread thingy! Karma--Likewise! GG--Yes, you are funny!! As for deep, well, imagineation dictates, but I'll take your word for it!!!!!!!!!! I--------------Thought that you would realize That if I ran away from you That you would want me to But I've got a big surprise Oh-oh, oh-oh
  9. You know If you break my heart I'll go But I'll be back again
  10. (Been gone Lloyd, now I'm back!" Jack Torrence, The Shining! Did I tell you I need you?
  11. When did the wheels come offa this thing???? Next you know we'll have GG singing "I'm looking for a moon shadow...moonshadow, moonshadow...!"
  12. These are all cool, but let us not kid ourselves: GG quoted an album title from REO SPEEDWAGON back there...! Oh, and to think of all the fun we had...I guess you never really know a person.... Whatever Gets You THrough The Night.... At the loo or out of sight...
  13. IK--Nahhhh...it's from a CD that came with the latest edition of "Q" magazine...also a smashing version of The Vines doing a punky take on "I'm Only Sleeping" which ishow I'm playing it now! GG--Doesn't the phrase "Shaved Fish" make you throw up a little bit in your mouth? JFBM--where you at? Don't need a sword to cut though flowers Oh no, oh no...
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