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  1. Another footnote from Non-Sequitar Theatre...
  2. Picked up my bag Run to the station Railman said "You've got the wrong location!"
  3. Funny Ha-Ha or Funny I need to look into a restraining order???? OK, to recap: Scrubs is funny because it is stream-of-conscious absurity--it was funnier as "Dream ON" but it's still funny!!! Why is "Desperate Housewives" good? Two words: Eva Longoria....you do have a pulse, don't you? Boston Legal? It has Mark Valley, once the star of "Keen Eddie"...cool! Bren's back! I've seen it...good to see it again! And I still can't believe GGG saw an episode of Seinfeld...must be that day around the All-Star break when no sports are played!!! You go girl! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...to infect a new thread!
  4. Waitaminute!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gang Green Girl has a TV??? Why wasn't I informed????????? I've been done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I just lost the only girl I had If I could get my way I'd get myself locked up today But I can't So I'll Cry Instead
  6. 1,300...that's got to be lucky someplace, GG!!!!!!!! Don't wanna cry whe there's peole there I get shy when they start to stare...
  7. JFBM--Good lookin' out on the save-the-thread thingy! Karma--Likewise! GG--Yes, you are funny!! As for deep, well, imagineation dictates, but I'll take your word for it!!!!!!!!!! I--------------Thought that you would realize That if I ran away from you That you would want me to But I've got a big surprise Oh-oh, oh-oh
  8. You know If you break my heart I'll go But I'll be back again
  9. (Been gone Lloyd, now I'm back!" Jack Torrence, The Shining! Did I tell you I need you?
  10. When did the wheels come offa this thing???? Next you know we'll have GG singing "I'm looking for a moon shadow...moonshadow, moonshadow...!"
  11. These are all cool, but let us not kid ourselves: GG quoted an album title from REO SPEEDWAGON back there...! Oh, and to think of all the fun we had...I guess you never really know a person.... Whatever Gets You THrough The Night.... At the loo or out of sight...
  12. IK--Nahhhh...it's from a CD that came with the latest edition of "Q" magazine...also a smashing version of The Vines doing a punky take on "I'm Only Sleeping" which ishow I'm playing it now! GG--Doesn't the phrase "Shaved Fish" make you throw up a little bit in your mouth? JFBM--where you at? Don't need a sword to cut though flowers Oh no, oh no...
  13. Nice to hear the song in the first person...by the by, IK, I just picked up a version of Paul Weller doing you...coooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's hear it for the Modfather!
  14. Hey, GG, Well, we all shine on Like the moon and the stars and the sun Yeah we all shine on Everyone...c'mon.... (By the by, that song was written, recorded and inthe shops in six days!!!!)
  15. How in the world you gonn see? Laughing at fools like me...
  16. When did the wheels come offa this thing??? Instant Karma's gonna get you Gonna kncok you right in the head Better gete yourself together, darlin' Pretty soon, you're gonna be dead
  17. JFBM...you are quite impressive!! Who knew??? After all that time I spent tearing down your hubby, we coulda been talking about something that really pops!!! Let's see action Let's see people Let's see freedom Let's see who cares
  18. Wow! Dueling Who THreads!!!!!!! Cool! The noise that I was hearing was a million people cheering And a child flew past me riding in a star
  19. Dear JFBM, Let them all talk. Nobody is fooled. We all know you have the HJ poster hanging over your doorway... Sincerely, HJ's Friend Who's Not HJ
  20. Hey, it's funn to watch you two "Do The Do" like you do so well! The note is eternal I hear it, it sees me
  21. Hey Maxxie, where's the ****-ing group shot? I know you have it cause I sent it to you? How can we go on about the ****-ing group without the ****-ing group shot??? Holy ****! Love, HJ PS Nice work otherwise...very festive! PPS Get the group shot up, you crazy ****!
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