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    Super Bowl III. I was a small child, but I thought Joe Namath was COOL.
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    Too numerous to list here. Bastards.
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    Danielle. That was her name, right?
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    See above.

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  1. Happy birthday, Bob

    Thanks, guys. I checked in that day, but did not realize I had not been back since. It's good to hear from old friends.
  2. Geno Visiting Giants

    You Geno fans are hilarious. He's not leading anybody to victory because he sucks. I can't believe the Giants are even looking at this clown. I hate them, but they've always been smarter than the Jets.
  3. Geno Visiting Giants

    This is wonderful. The worst QB in the NFL on a team I hate. LOVE IT!
  4. Ironically, after a decade or so away, I will be attending this dumpster fire on Sunday, due to free tix from the Jets and a nephew who's attending his first Jets game and wants me to go.
  5. Happy Birthday Bob the Jets Fan™

    What name would I have known you as before? That flood was 10 years ago.
  6. Happy Birthday Bob the Jets Fan™

    Belated thanks, guys. We just keep getting older, don't we? Some of us go back a long time in this silly messageboard business.
  7. This may not be the stupidest take I've seen in a decade of JN, but it's in the conversation.
  8. Amazon PRIME day... what'd you get?

    I've had one since xmas. I love it.
  9. Unless the questions is "Who is too f***ing stupid to be an NFL quarterback?" Geno is NOT the answer.
  10. Revenge Tactics...

    I'm going to go ahead and guess that she was not the problem in that relationship.
  11. This team makes me want to punch a baby.
  12. I have come to the conclusion that "Jet Nut" is Smith's agent. He's not Smith, himself, because his posts are coherent, if ridiculous.
  13. Maybe the aliens would find his head during the anal probe.
  14. I'll never understand why some people are still talking like Geno Smith is a viable NFL quarterback.