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  1. Bob

    MIA JNers

    I gave JetMoses a ride home after a game, once. Met his wife and daughter.
  2. Bob

    MIA JNers

    Awwww. You missed me.
  3. I wish the Jets had provided as much entertainment as this site has in the last 15 years. Congrats!
  4. Cleveland is going to beat us like a drum.
  5. It was 15 years ago today that an inebriated Joe Namath tried to kiss Suzy Kolber on national TV.
  6. A few years ago. Turns out I'm a perfect a$$hole and was told to come back in 10 years.
  7. Thanks, guys. I checked in that day, but did not realize I had not been back since. It's good to hear from old friends.
  8. You Geno fans are hilarious. He's not leading anybody to victory because he sucks. I can't believe the Giants are even looking at this clown. I hate them, but they've always been smarter than the Jets.
  9. This is wonderful. The worst QB in the NFL on a team I hate. LOVE IT!
  10. Ironically, after a decade or so away, I will be attending this dumpster fire on Sunday, due to free tix from the Jets and a nephew who's attending his first Jets game and wants me to go.
  11. What name would I have known you as before? That flood was 10 years ago.
  12. Belated thanks, guys. We just keep getting older, don't we? Some of us go back a long time in this silly messageboard business.
  13. This may not be the stupidest take I've seen in a decade of JN, but it's in the conversation.
  14. Unless the questions is "Who is too f***ing stupid to be an NFL quarterback?" Geno is NOT the answer.
  15. I'm going to go ahead and guess that she was not the problem in that relationship.
  16. I have come to the conclusion that "Jet Nut" is Smith's agent. He's not Smith, himself, because his posts are coherent, if ridiculous.
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