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  1. In all seriousness, I have never understood what the hell this rift was about, but it seems pretty damn deep. Can I get the cliff notes from soneone?
  2. RESPECT THE BADGE! ...He earned it with his blood FEAR THE GUN! ..Your sentence may be death because
  3. Shamm was nasty!! I wish he would have stayed one more year! That 97 friars team still give me chills, so damn close against Zona!! Ugh, I sitll get upset thinking about it!
  4. Im a PC grad, class of 98. I can honestly say it was the best decesion of my life to go there. I was a math and econ major, not exactly PC strength. But the relationships I devolped there were unbelievable.I keep in regular touch with no less than a 100 people that I went to school with there. Its a fun school, good people and can get a great education. Not to say anything bad about Nova (and they will have a much better basketball team for your freshman year,) but I loved my time at PC, still am involved with the school. Id recommend PC
  5. My friend works for HBO sports and was able to get me into the premiere. It was pretty cool Anyway, absolutely tremendous program, I loved the show. 79% from the field, only 1 miss the second half (then again they only toook 10 shots in the 2nd half.) I could only imagine how much fun it must have been to be a Nova student then
  6. If Mickey's a mouse and Donald's a duck, what the ____ is Goofey
  7. Weren't teh Ravens a wild card team too? The way I remember it the Titans won teh division on a tie breaker becasue of the unequal amount of teams in the AFCC that year and the Tians having a better divisional record because tehy played more AFCC games. I have to research that to make sure Im correct
  8. I used to work with a guy who just got 20 years for kid touching/raping with 4 minors. Sick stuff. I almost feel bad for him, the guy definately was not made to survive prison and Im sure is learning his lesson on the inside
  9. http://www.hbo.com/thewire/news/season_four.shtml 03.17.05 | HBO RENEWS THE WIRE, ACCLAIMED DRAMA SERIES FROM DAVID SIMON, WITH FOURTH SEASON TO AIR IN 2006 LOS ANGELES, March 17, 2005 - The critically acclaimed, Peabody Award-winning HBO drama series THE WIRE has been renewed for a fourth season, it was announced today by Carolyn Strauss, president, HBO Entertainment. The 12-episode fourth season will begin shooting in late 2005, with debut set for 2006. "THE WIRE just keeps getting better, so we're delighted that David Simon and his team will be returning for another pr
  10. Good news for all of us. My buddy who works at HBO has just told me HBO picked up a forth season of the Wire. Im really pumped. Ill post a press release about it as soon as he sends it to me
  11. IMO What makes a great band is a Great Bassist and Drummer. Even the crappies lead sounds great with a solid foundation, but all the guitar talent in the world won't mean anything with a solid bassist and drummer (in Rock obviously.) My favorite band right now is Wilco a unique sound and have had some amazing albums
  12. Downs goes WVU Down goes WVU The friars BET run begins at 2 fellas!! Watch the Friars be the first team ever to win the BET playing on Wednesday!
  13. I have purchased form them and never had a problem
  14. Whoa, what is the difference between Duke, Wake, UNC and Maryland and Uconn, Cuse, Pitt, ND, Nova. Plus the BE 2nd tier teams are SO MUCH better thean the ACC: PC, SHU, SJU(they will be back in a big way, probably become a national power again in a few years)? The ACC is so OVERRATED its funny. I am sick of it. ACC<BE
  15. Actually Georgetown looks like they have hit the wall. JT III really did a remarkable job with them this year, but I think they have finally fell back down to earth
  16. I see BC losing to any of the following they might match up with on Thursday: WVU, Georgetown, Pitt, ND, PC
  17. Actually they get a bye no matter what, I meant to say they will lose their first game in the BE
  18. BC will lose at the RAC, the first round of the BE, be down to a 5 seed and will be the 5-12 upset of this year. Bank on it
  19. Disagree with the ACC next year part P4E. The ACC as a conference is a FRAUD too! They are top heavy but perenieal bottom feeders in the BE VT and Miami are I believe tied for 4th in the confeence. They acc is so overhyped its ridiculos. Duke looked like crap against SJU the other day. Mark my words, the BE will have more teams in the sweet 15, elite 8 and final 4 this year, and Ill throw BC in as a ACC team!!
  20. I can understand not sending both for fear od injuries, but if CVaka is this big of a project, I'm not too happy with the team for not sending him and letting him gain a little experience
  21. Why arent we sending Cavka or Jones over I really cant understand why not
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