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  1. You can't even make this up. I come back to post a congratulations post and look what pops up for my ads.
  2. Congratulations on 17 years. This was a fun place to hang out at but I eventually found a life like everyone always told me to do. Abobo was going to stop in to offer his eloquent congratulations but the idiot forgot his password.
  3. Oh man, that's a blast from the past. My son was asking me the other day what my favorite video game of all time was. I told him that one was definitely in the conversation.
  4. You're not wrong. I just watched that episode last night with my son. He looked at me and said "That was probably one of the best episodes ever out of any show I have watched." It really was that good. SPOILERS That being said, this season has probably been the best one IMO...until the finale. I didn't hate it as much as you did. Seeing Jimmy and Kim role reverse was pretty crazy. Lalo escaping the assassins although ludicrous, needed to happen. Nacho is in some serious trouble now. Next season should be awesome. I have heard 13 episodes instead of 10.
  5. What did you guys think of the season finale last night? I won't go into spoilers. I'll just say that I was a little disappointed.
  6. I just got out of the doghouse like last week. We should probably let those rest.
  7. I don't know what you're talking about. I had yesterday on my calendar for about 5 years.
  8. Yeah, I agree. I was a bit of a dick back in the day. I like to think that I have mellowed with age...or my kids just sucked all of the life out of me.
  9. Well it all worked out. They still allow you to download your images at least and now apparently Max is advanced enough that you don't have to provide an actual link to an image. You can just upload it straight from your computer. I have some real classic photoshop pictures on that account.
  10. I guess it's been more than a few days since I've been here. Apparently Photobucket is no longer a thing. Who knew? Edit: I guess it is still a thing. I just have to pay for the privilege of using my own pictures.
  11. I know right? Just when you think 2020 couldn't get any worse...it totally gets better.
  12. He's not entirely wrong. I like my bacon and eggs and will even put a couple slices on my burger from time to time but people have gone way overboard on the stuff. All of those recipes that I see where they wrap the whole thing in bacon are just ridiculous.
  13. Oh my bad. I thought this was Facebook.
  14. This place is a ghost town. I leave for a couple days and come back to this.
  15. Just a heads up. Dirt Rally 2.0 is free on Playstaion Plus right now. I'm not a hardcore race game fan but if you are, I think you would love it. It seems really realistic. I was just trying to use a controller and that wasn't working out so well but if you have a steering wheel setup, I bet it would be awesome. That being said, I just went back to playing Rocket League.
  16. Better Call Saul - I think at this point I like this show even better than Breaking Bad. They have Seasons 1-4 on Netflix and Season 5 is about to wrap up next week. What We Do In The Shadows - Season 2 starts tonight on FX. Season 1 is on Hulu. I liked the movie but IMO, the series is even better. Jack Ryan - I'm way late on this one but it was entertaining enough. Kind of weird seeing Jim Halpert as a badass. Letterkenny - Another one that I'm behind on. It's pretty funny but I tend to fall asleep a lot while watching.
  17. So this picture is floating around right now. You can clearly see Carl's silhouette. IF this is real, I still don't think Carl gets his skull caved in. It's gotta be someone on either side of him. That leaves Eugene & Aaron. IMO neither of those deaths are going to be earth shattering. I'd miss Eugene's one liners but that's about it.
  18. Man, talk about a bunch of instant gratification mofos. Lol I liked the episode and don't have much problem waiting until October to find out who got their brains splattered. I have plenty of shows to occupy my time until then. I was happy to see Morgan finally come around. The Alexandria group seems heavily outnumbered. I wonder if the two guys that Morgan ran into are part of a much bigger group that they will eventually join forces with. For you Grand Theft Auto fans, did any of you catch that the tall Savior leader was the voice of Trevor? I hope they keep him around for a while. He seems like he'd be a good character. As far as who died, I'm going to guess it's going to Abraham with Glenn a close second. The way Abraham kinda bowed up when Negan walked past him pretty much decided his fate. I think they're going to keep Daryl around at least long enough to kill Dwight. I can't wait to see what they do after this whole mess. Do they go home with their tails between their legs or do they carry on to the Hilltop to take care of Maggie? More importantly, will Negan even let them?
  19. Earlier in the season I thought Daryl was done for. I don't think so anymore. It just seems too obvious. I'm sure he is the one that was shot by Dwight but it's going to be something fairly insignificant. Either that or it's going to be something stupid like a walker that somehow silently walked up to the two of them. I'm beginning to think that it's going to be Carol that gets the bat treatment. She didn't kill the one savior. I think he'll get back to Negan and tell him how she killed their whole group. Maybe she saves the day one more time before being captured and introduced to Lucille.
  20. I went to see 10 Cloverfield Lane this weekend. I thought it was a great movie. Don't go into expecting Cloverfield though.
  21. I interrupt The Walking Dead thread to bring you something even more relevant. A Season 6 Game of Thrones trailer!!
  22. I thought this was a really good episode. Surely Rick didn't expect things to be that easy. If he did, he sure did get a wakeup call. It definitely looks like the polaroids that Glenn was looking at on the wall was a bit of foreshadowing. Then again, the writers could be completely screwing with the book readers kind of like the Game of Thrones writers do from time to time. I'm going to be real curious to see what the Saviors real base looks like. It's surely going to be more impressive than that place although they did have a hell of a weapons stockade there. There's only four episodes left in the season. I don't see any "slow" episodes coming from here on out.
  23. All I can do is cringe every time I read my own post and see that I used "no" instead of "know". Is there know (see what I did there?) way to edit posts anymore?
  24. Lately I have found myself getting incredibly frustrated with the "teammates" that I get paired with. I'm not a great player but I at least recognize strategy and no when to just leave the ball alone and let someone else get it. Some of these knuckleheads are only worried about hitting the the ball. Doesn't matter where, just hit it. I don't know how many times I have had a shot lined up only to have a "teammate" come rocketing in and knock the ball in the complete opposite direction. Another question. How often do you guys use the boost? I seem to find myself rolling around with 100% boost without using it. About the only time is if I'm trying to get back as fast as possible or if I'm on a breakaway. Some of these guys seem to use it any chance they get then don't have anything left when they really need it.
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