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    Detroit, Michigan
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    Running, Playing Hockey, Watching legitimate sports teams of mine that have a ghost's chance in hell of winning. Ironically, that eliminates the New York Jets.

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    I used to be a die-hard Jets fan. Now, I'm stuck because tattoo removal is too much.
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    Detroit, Michigan
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    Hockey, Softball, Jogging, History, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings
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    Police Sergeant

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    One Word: Buttfumble.
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    Every single season since I was 5 years old.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    The Jets won a Super Bowl? When did this happen?

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  1. Goodbye Sweet baby

    I am truly terribly sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace
  2. Moderators please report to the mod room

    Everybody please provide me with your phone number. It's in case you get locked out of your account of course.
  3. https://twitter.com/TomBradySketch This is pure brilliance.
  4. LB Erin Henderson - Sprained MCL

    Nothing as far as time goes yet..
  5. LB Erin Henderson - Sprained MCL

    He had a good time. Watched a little football and made his dad get him the biggest thing of popcorn they sold. A Win-WIn,
  6. Per Brian Costello on Twitter, Henderson suffered a Sprained MCL tonight. Lovely.
  7. Taking My Son To His First Jets Game Is Tonight

    He had his popcorn, he didn't mind. That said with our seats 19 rows away from the EZ, it would have been nice to see a TD in our end.....or hell, the opposite end.
  8. Oh NO....We Suck Again!!!!

    Lighten up Francis'. It was week 1 preseason and this week wasn't exactly smooth in camp itself. Save panic mode for the road.
  9. Taking My Son To His First Jets Game Is Tonight

    I'll remember this one for a while.
  10. Taking My Son To His First Jets Game Is Tonight

    So awesome
  11. Taking My Son To His First Jets Game Is Tonight

    Thanks all. My wife isn't into football so my son is condemned to the Jets, but the most important part is we'll be condemned together. I remember watching Jets football with my Dad and look forward to that with my son, minus the remote throwing. I've been advised already he wants a hot dog and popcorn. Kid is smart and knows how to work me over.
  12. A Deadwood Movie Perhaps? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?????

    Dear lord yes please. If there is, we have a pool on the number of times the word "C*cksucker" is used.
  13. Taking My Son To His First Jets Game Is Tonight

    That's why I have a screen name....so CPS doesn't learn my true identity and take the kid away. The good part is living in Detroit, it would be more cruel for my son to grow up a Lions fan. The Jets may rip our hearts out, but the Lions are so historically inept that even Jets fans feel for their fans.
  14. British Army Officers in need of guidance.

    Think he meant the RAF is flying them over....like the USAF's version of "Space Available".
  15. I want to see Fitz throw a bomb down the field to the end zone I'm sitting at with my son.