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    Every single season since I was 5 years old.
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  1. If Gronk comes back at his "new playing weight" I give it about two weeks before he's on the IR.
  2. I've loved the pressure the past few weeks. Very interested to see how we'll do against Carr and Oakland. You can sort of feel the tide turning. Unfortunately it involved a delayed start and hitting rock bottom to get going. I'll take anything I can get.
  3. I totally forgot how to post an embedded YouTube video. Can someone help me so I can get back into the mix properly? Thanks.
  4. Our most recent reminder of the Clown Show that this franchise is from top to bottom.
  5. Yes - Making them gave me a smile - the results made me sad. I was 8 for the '82 game but remember my Dad cursing Don Shula. In '98 I was stuck in Grafenwoehr, Germany pre-internet and cell phone days. Came out of the field to heard they lost. 99 and Vinny's injury broke my damn heart. 09 and '10 were exciting I won't lie. Still get upset at the first half of that Pittsburgh game. I really thought that was our year. We had such a run going.....if it wasn't for that slow start.
  6. You live in a fantasy land. You live in a dimension so twisted that you actually just referred to the NY Jets as an AFC elite team. Even in the best of times this team has never been in the category of elite. They suck at football. They have for years. They suck at drafting. They have for decades. Whatever you're smoking has to be powerful. You are the Idi Amin of Internet Message Board Trolls.
  7. I'm still pissed off I didn't bet the Dolphins game. I called that one weeks out, Easy money.
  8. He didn't do it because he doesn't care. The Jets are a cute investment that always makes a return no matter how poorly it's ran. He doesn't need to improve the football operation because even with nearly 50 years of ineptitude, people keep going to game, buying season tickets and paying for PSLs. I don't fault them for it. They're fans and they're sticking behind their team. They love their team....and unfortunately the only reward they get for their dedication and most of all, financial investment in the team is more misery. It's not fair for us fans and it's especially not fair for the fans who pay for season tickets and/or follow the team around the country supporting them.
  9. Fitz throws for 300 and 3 TDs next week. Dolphins get first win. Jets are 4.5 point favorites.....bet the dolphins. Money in the bank.
  10. Parcells was always a game changer but even he couldn't fully straighten out this sh*t show of a franchise.
  11. For every one Jets fan who wants McCarthy, I'll introduce you to five Packers fans that are glad he's gone. Right now, Bozo the Clown is a step up from Gase, but McCarthy is fool's gold.
  12. The Draft "What if's" in our history is something of a wet dream for a time-traveling, Science Fiction writer.
  13. Because there's a good chance they'll actually do something with it.
  14. Brady isn't going anywhere and he sure as hell isn't coming to the Jets if he does. Come on now. He'll retire as a Patriot. Why would be bother going anywhere else? In his own defense, he has the world by the balls. He can do whatever he wants after football. Asking to take over the duty of delivering port-a-potties to NY fans every Sunday isn't one of them.

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