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    Running, Football, Hockey, History.

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    Rochester Hills, Michigan
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    Running. Family. West Ham United, Michigan Wolverines. Detroit Red Wings
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    Police Lieutenant

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    Writing letters to the Jets as a kid and getting autographed photos of Todd, Klecko, Gastineau, Walker, Burke and Jones in return.
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    Every single season since I was 5 years old.
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    My dad was 18, so no.

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  1. 3 inches is about the deepest Tom Shane has went in years.
  2. 5 hours of nonstop trance from Solarstone. Some of the best Trance out there and it gets me through almost an entire shift on Midnights,
  3. The new unis are love hate for me. Mostly hate but I don't get to worked up EXCEPT for the helmets. I HATE THE HELMET LOGO. Hate with a capital H. They suck so bad. The old 80s Jet logo with that color green would have been sharp.
  4. I'm at work, listening to our radio channel and it sounds like the end of the world. When I started this thread in February, 2005, I had 18 years remaining until retirement. Now I have three years, one month, one day.
  5. Man, you're desperate for anything at this point. Fire up the PS2 and let's play some US Navy Seals.
  6. Wait until you find out Americans landed on the Moon in the late 60s and early 1970s......
  7. ..I love what JD is doing so far. Guy has a plan, it's clear. When A happens, he's immediately ready to respond with B.
  8. Will the San Fran shutdown apply to the people pooping on the sidewalk.....reminds me of Maxman in Red Bank in 2009,
  9. You're operating under the belief that our government, of any kind led by any party or any figured, loved or hated, is competent. I'm operating under the belied that any government, led by any individual, couldn't govern themselves out of a wet paper bag with a M-1 tank.

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