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    : Rochester Hills, Michigan
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    Running, Football, Hockey, History.

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    Rochester Hills, Michigan
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    Running. Family. West Ham United, Michigan Wolverines. Detroit Red Wings
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    Police Lieutenant

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    Writing letters to the Jets as a kid and getting autographed photos of Todd, Klecko, Gastineau, Walker, Burke and Jones in return.
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    Every single season since I was 5 years old.
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    My dad was 18, so no.

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  1. Mark it down - This will end in disaster and another decade of heartbreak.
  2. We are the Jets. I'll bet my future pension against them winning the Super Bowl if that's an option. LOL
  3. Hope he throws for 465 yards and 4 TDs against the Jets this year.
  4. Pay him what he wants with a clause that if he misses more than 3 games to injury he forfeits half, and any season-ending injury he forfeits all of it. Guy is a china doll.
  5. Just another day for the NFL. No other league comes close in the amount of police contact. The NFL remains the Guardians of Scumbaggery. Bunch of overpaid, entitled prima donnas.
  6. ......and just like that, R. Kelly has officially revoked his JetNation membership.
  7. Andy Reid - Good thing he's judged by his Super Bowl wins and not the job he did raising his kids.
  8. The commercial with the chocolate lab growing up with the girl made me cry. Not afraid to admit it. Lost my chocolate lab in 2018 and it still stings.
  9. Keep dreaming. The only way Woody sells the team is if there's indisputable video evidence, accompanied by a sworn affidavit from the Pope, showing him doing lines of coke with Jim Irsay while simultaneously running a train on a Carolina Panthers female employee with Jerry Richardson.
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