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    Running. Family. West Ham United, Michigan Wolverines. Detroit Red Wings
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    Writing letters to the Jets as a kid and getting autographed photos of Todd, Klecko, Gastineau, Walker, Burke and Jones in return.
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    Every single season since I was 5 years old.
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    My dad was 18, so no.

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  1. Dude - That's not the only thing about him I remember.. #Cleveland
  2. Worst part is the last home game I was at, the Met was still under construction.
  3. At what point as a human being, do you not get up out of the chair when your dentist comes rolling in on a hoverboard?
  4. If you are a fan of that early 1980s synth sound, like you'd hear in Stranger Things to a degree, give Analog '82 a chance. This entire album is great and does a great job of repeating that synth sound from our much much younger days.
  5. I'm beginning to think SAR I is Woody Johnson. sh*t is comical at this point.
  6. Another great review as always .......but unless you get handy's for ever Ficken FG attempt, you're going to be disappointed this week. Jets have zero chance.
  7. I'm about to be 46, I've been a fan since my Dad got me a Richard Todd jersey which I wore in my 1st grade class photo. In that time, the same consistent element of this organization is the ownership and their true lack of care in what the organization puts on the field. I would go so far to say that Sonny Werblin and the Werblin group were the last set of owners to make a concerted effort to win. Hess could have cared less. The Johnson's could care less. Every year their books are in the black and no matter the disaster, every year the fans, the season tickets, the advertising, and the PSLs come back. Owning the Jets is a cute little asterisk next to their name for the Johnson's to boast about on their Yacht when they're hosting cocktail parties. At the end of the day, this entire ownership group could care less about winning and what's on the field. The books are in the black ....because owning a NFL franchise is a license to print money. I've said it for years. Show me the last NFL franchise to bleed money? The culture within the organization starts from the top and the culture has been all about apathy through both the Hess and Johnson Administrations. Terrible financial decisions + Terrible personnel decisions = The product on the field. The product on the field has been garbage for a majority of the Hess and Johnson year and it will never change.
  8. @Maxman has been all meat and no bone for years..............
  9. I saw that today on Twitter and almost spit soda out my nose. Great job by Cimini.
  10. How rewarding will it be for Vilma to personally witness the reminder as to how lucky he was to leave the Jets.....
  11. @T0mShane couldn't captain his way through a bath house with a pound of coke and $10,000 in singles during Fleet Week.

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