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  1. I heard ZW once tore the warning label off a mattress and drown a family of rabbits in a bucket. Jesus Christ man - Can we just enjoy the win without piling on a 23 year old kid.
  2. Since the franchise’s inception, the “best” QB on the roster is always the one that isn’t playing,.
  3. Zach Wilson be like: “What does Kurt Warner know about playing QB?”
  4. ZW will start and try to compensate for his sh*ttness by turning into an Old West Gunslinger, leading to 3 INTS, one of which is a Pick 6.
  5. https://twitter.com/TheGhettoGronk/status/1594504871335628801?s=20&t=4tq5ANXBeioXbaBqneYbUw
  6. Michael Nania Twitter Some great breakdowns of some terrible ZW pass progressions and decisions.
  7. At this point, I would take a coked-up Todd Marinovich if it helped us win.
  8. Christian Blaize Hackenberg > Zach Kapono Wilson
  9. It just so happens that we now have a spacecraft capable of taking ZW to the Moon.
  10. Dude is 100% correct. Absolutely 100% correct on ZW yesterday. The 67-year old Pat Ryan would have had a better chance of leading the Jets to a win yesterday.
  11. 77 yards passing. 77 yards. Total. All game. this isn’t even a discussion. Bench him
  12. Bench Wilson. Enough of this trash.
  13. Zach Wilson is not the answer. Time to draft a QB
  14. Max said the same thing after he brought me over as a Moderator from JI.
  15. Listen, there's nothing I enjoy more than people on both sides of the spectrum having an absolutely, complete meltdown over things they effectively don't pay a nickel to operate or make possible. As long as both sides of the spectrum continue to lose sleep over the most trivial of things that people wondering where their next meal is coming from don't have time to worry about, us people in the middle and of sound reason win. VIVA JETS NATION!!!
  16. Thank you sir! Cannot wait to connect with a lot of friends I haven't seen in way too long.
  17. God I still remember that game vividly. 58 minutes of being miserable, 2 minutes of "What in the F--- just happened?"
  18. Remember that time I slept in your basement...............
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