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  1. Can we use this time machine to insure that the Man C_nt Don Shula doesn't leave the tarp off the field at the Orange Bowl to slow down Freeman McNeil? Thanks.
  2. Ha...Our posts crossed paths. Great research.
  3. Gotta be O'Brien.. I'm sure it's been sooner but damn if it doesn't feel like it's been since the O'Brien to Walker/Jones/Toon days.
  4. Very proud of the team and the coaching staff. Yesterday showed what this team is capable of. We won't win them all, but watching a team scratch and fight is a great sign of what's to come if we keep working hard at it.
  5. You can't talk Mangini without first talking Walt Michaels..... Should be a hashtag on The Twitter.
  6. I hear what you're saying and I'm 100% with you. Not calling for anyone's head on a platter, benching or anything else. It's just hard to watch this year in and year out. I'm praying this is the rough patch before the turnaround, but man it get hard to watch.
  7. Very fair assessment on all fronts. You have to wonder that if Zach had a veteran presence with him at the QB position it would help with his maturing process. Hard to argue it wouldn't.
  8. LOL!!!! That tells you everything you need to know right there. NO RED BOLD ALL CAPS FONT!!!!!!
  9. I just turned 47 last week and can easily say that I've been a Jets fan since I was 5, My dad, born on Long Island and raised in Caldwell, NJ, is a lifelong Jets fan and corrupted me as a kid. Growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I was the odd man out in a land saturated with Packers fans and I was never afraid to stand up to my decision. I've supported this team through some thick but mostly thin for decades and in my pre-kid prime, I didn't miss a chance to catch the closest away game to Michigan I could find. Despite my annual pessimism once showcased in great detail on this
  10. The Jets uniforms continue to make the Montreal Alouettes feel confident in their uniform design. Keep the colors shades but. - Lose the "Jets" on the front. - Lose the stupid band/stripe on the sleeve. - Leave the helmet color but go back to the 80's Jets logo.
  11. This is absolutely horrible news to hear. A great guy and a great Jets fan. I'll miss him for sure. Just terrible. Rest in Peace brother.
  12. I'm a huge collector of vinyl albums. A buddy of mine was at a record store in Seattle, came across this, and picked it up to me. Didn't even know it existed. Cue jokes about last NY Jets World Championship pressed on original vinyl here. LOL
  13. Nothing like seeding your own future commission. Welcome to Freshman Orientation. Please be sure to stop by and get your ID, your schedule, your dorm assignment, and oh, this meeting with an agent who would love to talk to you about your future in the NFL.
  14. Every time I hear of some unsubstantiated rumor from Twitter, I think of Bunny from Platoon.
  15. It's all posturing. Always is. He'll sign. He'll be there. He won't hold out. Relax everyone.
  16. Definitely a future as a US Senator from Massachusetts with that performance.
  17. You beat me to it. LOL. That's like San Francisco telling you suddenly you cant openly defecate on city sidewalks.
  18. I'm curious about this. I've seen way too many of his games living here in Detroit. I want him to do well, but it will be interesting to see what he does with a supporting cast.
  19. What you're all doing on here for Phil and Lauren is epic. Not around like I used to be, but there's a reason I love this place so much. Great job everyone.
  20. Until Lou Whitaker is entered, the Hall can kiss my ass.
  21. Thank you for doing this. More than glad to help a family that has given me so much over the years, including space in their basement. You got this Lauren.
  22. As the long-time President of the Disgruntled NY Jets Fan Club, I have a weird sense of positivity and optimism about the Jets that I haven't had in well.....forever. Absolutely love Douglas and Saleh and what they're instilling into the entire organization. Love JD's team management and can't state how much I love Saleh's passion. Even yesterday, guy who went to Saleh's high school in Dearborn, saw the personalized NY Jets plate on my car and took a few minutes to state how he's a Jets fan because of what he means to Dearborn and his community. It was a pretty awesome feeling. So
  23. He'll be a bust, like every other QB the Jets have drafted since Ken O'Brien..... who in true Jets fashion, was drafted ahead of Marino. Nothing against Wilson - I have Z E R O faith in any first round savior-style pick the Jets make. 5 years from now Wilson / Fields / Whomever won't be on the roster.
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