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  1. The Cowboys are just going to be tough this year. Scrappy tough. Mean Joe Green tough. They were quiet all off season. That is uncharacteristic for them. Jerry being quiet is scary. The Cowboys have too much firepower and the Jets offense simply isn't ready. They are running into a nightmare in Rob Ryan. He is motivated, he wants to get to the next level. Brother Rex is simply in Rob's way. Look for more 52% completion percentages from the kid QB. That isn't going to get it done. That is why the Jets will lose the opener to the Cowboys. I would type more but my hands hurt. Great job to Smizzy and Max on the new site. It is fast and seems really stable.
  2. I stopped using devices like this. My hands are so strong from years of boxing workouts that I just end up shattering the LCD.
  3. Although I doubt any of them are concerned with NCAA eligibility, reporting them wouldn't be cool. That could get them in some serious hot water. Hot water.
  4. I spent last week on point 3.75 - 4.5. Once it is done I will post it.
  5. Max you are a cool cat, you and I go way back but I have to say you are way wrong on this one. I mean that with no disrespect. I admire what you have built here but saying you don't censor things and then censoring political talk is hypocritical. I spent a lot of time on another sports site and can't recall a single problem we ever had in our political forum.
  6. Hughes will win the AL Cy Young next season. Take it to the bank.
  7. You guys have a flag football team? You up for a game? I have a team, we play on Saturdays. The Island Express, we are pretty much unstoppable.
  8. You and me both brother. You and me. You know when I feel safe? Really safe? When I know that I am standing in front of the cash underneath my mattress. When I have the boxing gloves on and I know that nobody is taking it from me. If the money is behind me and I am looking forward then my money is safe. You clowns worrying about options and shorting stocks have it all wrong. A hard days work for an honest buck. That is what it is all about. Make a buck, save a buck. Never look back. Protect that money with your life. I wear my boxing gloves to soften the blow for any would be attacker. I have mercy on them, for they know not what they do. This old cat that I knew growing up always told us kids, "a fool and his money are soon parted". From that day on I said, "well then I ain't gonna be no fool". That is why my money is safe. Well that and my lethal left \ right combo.
  9. The day that a stand up, classy, well respected member of the Jets community like Sean Deegan, apologizes to you is the day I will no longer post on the internet. I am like looking for a fight. I have no bone to pick with you. Just not going to back down and let you bad mouth a good man, and a good friend, like Sean Deegan. Not going to happen. So unless Smizzy wants to delete this post, it will stand as proof that you are not owed an apology.
  10. You are the authority on me now? Do you know the man Glenn, behind the Ham? Do you? Kids like you always give me a chuckle, they know it all. Kids like you always have an answer. Kids like you don't know much about reality because they are sheltered. There comes a time when that shelter is removed. What then? I rented a car from a guy like you once. He was one of those hot-to-trot management trainees. He had an answer for everything. Just like you. But you, as the rental car agent before you, did not know much about Ham.
  11. Other teams are already in camp. The Jets report tomorrow. Today is the day to attack. Today is the day that champions are made. The accountant must redeem himself. Today. Do something that nobody saw coming. Do something to make this roster better. Do something to bring a championship home to this deserving fanbase. George Washington was a closer. He crossed the Delaware when everyone was sleeping. Today our opponents are sleeping. The Accountant needs to cross the Delaware TODAY to put the Jets over the top.
  12. You want to swing by my crib? I can teach you.
  13. At da clubs I was a closer. Used to close 3 - 4 honeys a week. Those were the days.
  14. You are perfection. So beautiful, so smart, so strong.

  15. I wouldn't try to label you. If I did it would be Nubian Princess. I dated a sister once. She was fine. She got needy and I am cool with that because I respect the ladies. After awhile though it was just like enough is enough already. I had to let her that this deli counter had plenty of Ham to go around. She was sweet though. So soft, so sensual, so..........ahhh. Is it wrong if I call her? I wouldn't mind a booty call. I wonder if she still lives with her parents, I still have their number. Last time I talked to her was 1979.
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