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  1. Best Serby moment was when Richard Todd put him in a locker.
  2. "Women, can't live with them, pass the beer nuts." - Norm Peterson
  3. Glad to see you and the family are safe. I was driving back from Buffalo today. There are still some areas along the Thruway that are underwater. Terrible. Don't forget to supply Bolly with the cleaning supplies. I'm sure he went through his $50.00 signing bonus by now.
  4. Alright, I know I have been drinking, but that is pretty cool.
  5. No income mortgages are pretty common these days. They are designed for the self employed customer that does not report all his income. I know Phil reports all of his profits from this website on his returns, but not everybody is that honest. The rate may get bumped up a little depending on the credit score. Many lenders have a variation of this in which they do not verify your income, but do verify your financial statements. Jet Moses, if you are looking for some specific mortgage info, I may be able to help answer some of your questions. Send me a PM when you get a chance. I work for
  6. I am down in the 4th row. You could see the security guard behind the Jets bench talking into his mic and pointing out guys in the crowd. They must have been given orders to give quick hooks. One guy got warned for verbally abusing Abe and was later tossed for not shutting up. This just seemed to get the rest of the drunks angry. It was like a battle royal.
  7. There were more fights in my section (112) last night than I can ever remember. At least 15 people were escorted out. The beer muscles were being flexed last night. I saw a security guard get a beer tossed in his face and another almost got punched as he was kicking somebody out. There were better hits in the stands last night then on the field.
  8. That Sunday night team is just a F***ing trainwreck. Aren't they going to be the Monday night crew next year?
  9. Whew, glad that was done. Now Terry can work on Askews extension.
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