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  1. Hats off to McCown

    Keeps his record intact never playing a full 16 game season still props to him for playing way better than anyone thought he would
  2. Heyman- Giancarlo Stanton a Yankee

    Over under on homeruns for Stanton/Judge and strikeouts for both
  3. Thanks you had your best season in your career was a total pro out there. We need to move on and get a final look at Petty
  4. This disturbing pattern of being a team no show is not acceptable is his worst offense. Time management skills an decision making with playcalling decisions notwithstanding
  5. Jets vs Broncos Report Card

    This was so easy to grade F double F hah
  6. My prediction right on target unfortunately
  7. If you are a Jet fan this is a game you expect them to come out flat and lose. Denver is due for a win on a 8 game losing streak beware
  8. Heyman- Giancarlo Stanton a Yankee

    It is just not right for a team to dump players and salaries for pennies of what they are worth- not good for the sport. Now they will trade castro to dump more salary a joke
  9. Heyman- Giancarlo Stanton a Yankee

    What they have done in the past and now doing is just not right for the fans or the sport
  10. Heyman- Giancarlo Stanton a Yankee

    Seriously something needs to be done in any sport with a team dismantling to gut the team
  11. Well what really do you expect him to say- no I think he is a stopgap QB we need to move on. hah
  12. Being a lifelong Jet fan I get it the frustation-still I am a fanatic so will watch and continue to support them till I die. I hope to be pleaseantly suprised one year I will settle for playoff appearances on a regular basis hah
  13. Happy birthday, faba!

    Thanks Tom I love you guys seriously.
  14. Seeing a Super Bowl once in a lifetime opportunity- especially if you are a Jets fan so good for them
  15. Having gone to Cleveland to watch the Jets and being insulted and food thrown at us bunch of Jet fans- no sympathy for those guys