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  1. Well to put this in perspective just about eveyone was questioning Hurts as a legit starter before the year started. See what happens when you have a reliable guy under center to build around
  2. This is the dilemma for 50 years we have been wrong so many times on getting the next franchise QB we just are desparate even for a short term solution
  3. One of the greats RIP
  4. recycle and rinse for these coordinators it seems Chargers grabbed him
  5. Hey at least it would keep the Jets relevant -Packers would most likely want two first round picks as part of the deal you people willing to give that up?
  6. Giants found their QB -we are on a 50 year mission to find ours. Last night Giants were just manhandled nothing he can do about that
  7. Yes do not have to hear Giant fans gloating
  8. Most of the younger generation does not have the same work ethic my grandparents and parents had that is a fact
  9. Pham is your 4th outfielder righty DH
  10. Every Jets season has been hard knocks for Jet fans hah
  11. If people were paying attention Tampa Bay was terrible this year in a terrible division no surprise what happened last night
  12. Only in fantasy would Rodgers play for the Jets try another option
  13. Geno Smith another Mud Bowl game hah hah
  14. You are too nice a guy let my uncle Nunzio get after the deadbeats that did not pay you Max
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