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  1. I know there is a Raider fan club in New Jersey so expect the worst Sunday
  2. Have to root for the guy to overcome two serious injuries beside local Rutgers player
  3. Wilpons will not go for Betts 30 million/year or so contract. Mets right now are close to luxury tax so no way Wilpon will do something like this
  4. Jets get couple most important guys back and a more reasonable schedule will improve as season goes on. On 3 and 0 49ers will come back with the Bill's somewhat
  5. Well some positives this year like pete JC and mcneil. A decent bullpen would have us a wild card this year. But since our gm talked bold at the start he has egg on his face. What to do about diaz try to move him or get him to turn it around is first bug decision
  6. Division and AFC opponent at home- if we want to have desire to compete for a playoff berth yes
  7. If we had a decent bullpen first half we would be right with Washington most likely for first wild card. We have some nice young players that evolved this year. Have to build around them gives you hope
  8. Pac 12 gets weaker every year it seems. First week and already they are taking a hit. UCLa, Arizona, Oregon, Oregon st all lost. Cal just barely won against a lower school. Utah had the most impressive win against rival
  9. I would expect one of the QBS cut on practice squad plus Burnett
  10. THE CB situation is very troubling. Brees picked us apart in his one series. Johnson a question mark even if healthy based on last year anbd he is the best we have
  11. Off Frorida Maimi topic but what an end to arizona Vs. hawaii. Arizona QB tackled at 1 yard line to end the game
  12. Anyone that says that did not know the substance circumstance- use some common sense they all know the league is testing make 100 per cent positive you are not at fault asking too much from these guys though
  13. Another great win getting contributions from the entire roster only way to be really successful.
  14. Happy birthday Phil. Great work for so many years for a flunkie
  15. 38 games left 24 at home where we have played much better than the road. But tougher teams in most of those 38. Need Mcneil back to balance that lineup

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