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  1. faba

    Looking at the schedule....

    NFL is too unpredictable to guess what is going to happen all through the year. Beat Browns and we will be back on track with Sam developing
  2. I am going to be cautious optimistic with this group they have to prove it over a period of games to convince me. Depth is still a big issue also
  3. faba

    Another Darnold stat

    Coming through on third downs is huge props to Sam and the whole offense for sure
  4. faba


    I never had a problem with Fireman ed trying to get the fans pumped up and making it bad for the opposition is good. The guy went all over following the Jets also
  5. I have my bet in getting Jets with 7 points. Just want to see Sam stay upright give the kid a chance to make plays offensive line
  6. This has been the trend for number of years offenses and QB and receivers have the advantage. NFL wants scoring
  7. Welll if we can not generate a pass rush ths team is and still will be in big trouble. I am not confident about this offensive line either like you Max
  8. faba

    2019 Head Coaching Candiates

    We really have to be real bad this year for them to fire Bowles. With the rookie QB he has a built in excuse- the most I can not get from Bowles he is a defensive guy and this defense has not been good in his tenure
  9. Tight end and outside linebackers positions will be up for grabs tonight. Check waiver wire for offensive line help and depth Mac
  10. This weekend including tonight is really week one of the season. I like to watch any football so this is my time of year. Mich Notre dame is interesting game Sat. Tonight Purdue Northwestern first day game conference game is unusual
  11. Exactly the issues that have been problems for this team show no signs that we will be any better. Only positive is Sam is the the QB for our future but he needs more support from the rest of these guys
  12. Sam e problems we have had no pass rush at all offensive line including tight ends inconsistent blocking and showing lack of depth. Penalties killing the team
  13. To come back from such a terrible injury give him his due good for him
  14. All indications are he can handle it- do not expect perfection though so if and when he makes mistakes live with it as learning experience
  15. You need playmakers on defense without sacricficing too much > the longer he holds out more pressure on Raiders to trade him

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