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  1. Anything worse than 7 and 9 and I think they will pull the trigger on Bowles maybe I am just hoping though.
  2. Congrats to you now no excuse not to make a trip to Jersey for another game
  3. We played minnesota a pretty good team and they beat us on both sides of the ball . We are just not good enough with talent to win consistently still
  4. Yeah not a good performance but receivers and offensive line share the blame not much help on certain plays
  5. Out of the coaching ranks all that time is like an eternity you just can not assume he was going to be successful trading Mack sealed his fate also
  6. Cannon is a liability on punt returns we can not afford to put him out there
  7. faba

    Congrats Drew Brees

    Class player and person Congrats to him.
  8. faba

    Ereck Flowers

    He is not able to handle defensive ends with speed with bad footwork . No you just can not switch positions and expect miracles
  9. faba

    Looking at the schedule....

    NFL is too unpredictable to guess what is going to happen all through the year. Beat Browns and we will be back on track with Sam developing
  10. I am going to be cautious optimistic with this group they have to prove it over a period of games to convince me. Depth is still a big issue also
  11. faba

    Another Darnold stat

    Coming through on third downs is huge props to Sam and the whole offense for sure
  12. faba


    I never had a problem with Fireman ed trying to get the fans pumped up and making it bad for the opposition is good. The guy went all over following the Jets also
  13. I have my bet in getting Jets with 7 points. Just want to see Sam stay upright give the kid a chance to make plays offensive line
  14. This has been the trend for number of years offenses and QB and receivers have the advantage. NFL wants scoring
  15. Welll if we can not generate a pass rush ths team is and still will be in big trouble. I am not confident about this offensive line either like you Max

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