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  1. 40 saves for Igor. You do have to win some of these type of games though to be successful. Take a road win against a good team anytime
  2. looks like no one wants the mets baseball of operations position hah
  3. have to worry about his size frame can he be in top condition after a layoff with that frame at any time
  4. Yeah just enjoy watching two good teams battle back and forth. Back to reality can we compete against New england this week hah
  5. Miami basically dominated the first half and only has 3 point lead come on Trevor
  6. This is guy tight end from miami a jersey guy by the way complains on every play
  7. Some good games in the SEC this week Find out if kentucky is for real Florida vs LSU Auburn vs Arkansas see if Texas AM has a letdown Bama gets back on track And then you have Vanderbilt-hah
  8. We have to give it some time to evaluate both wilson and this coaching staff. The years of losing makes us all impatient and the plain fact is the second choice in the draft we expect a lot from righfully so
  9. Just have to enjoy watching football games no matter who is playing. My expectations for the Jets are so low right now that any hint of success is appreciated
  10. I doubt anyone can question Bellichick is a rotten person to be with and work with
  11. Garbs is alive and well she is on facebook occasionally. She still hates the jets dont worry
  12. Ok ugly start to season
  13. Rangers vs Caps tonight lucky TNT showing it stupid comcast and MSG fighting so no hockey games on otherwise right now
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