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  1. Good if he wants to have a career in the NFL he better take better care of his body
  2. Good another guy that never had the right support at Detroit
  3. Hate to tell you most fans here are not from Ny York City get your facts straight
  4. First this game should be great to watch. I am sensing a slight upset with Bills taking this one
  5. Well first round practically non competitive games except Vegas and Cincy. The division winners teams much better than wild card entries except Cowboys
  6. Blame the wilpons like everything else they did not do. Thankfully gone and long overdue
  7. Positives Improved play of the offensive line over the course of the year Berrios CarterRB Negatives Maye Becton Defensive line not able to pressure QB or stop the run Wilson backtracking on his passes
  8. We can not afford a gamble like that we need to hit on our choices to try to build this team with so much uncertainty with these guys as it is
  9. Reward a guy that has shown he can be successful in this market on this team
  10. The change is slight but the perception is what makes it annoying to your fans after another losing season
  11. Sport books have them as favorite next year with Young returning for you bama fans
  12. Keep him - we need some veteran leadership and get him some help to improve that defense
  13. Glad Georgia won for my man Lith and tired of Saban and his always winning
  14. Hard to beat any team twice in a season will be interesting can Georgia be dominant on defense like they were in every other game
  15. Man RIP to a great one
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