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  1. Giants trade JPP

    Gaints have all sorts of options to go trade down a couple of picks and still get a good player take QB at 2 or barkley or Chubb at two. Giant historical s built on defense might lean on Chubb
  2. Question is will conservative Mac frown upon colorful figure like Mayfield can be. It would definitely bring a jolt to the Jets something to get talked about
  3. OBJ got knocked the - out!

    Even though cheap shot moral of the story why you hanging out in these type of clubs it is invitation for trouble
  4. OBJ got knocked the - out!

    That long term deal is going to be a mirage with the Giants bad publiciity does not sit well with Mara's
  5. Landry Jones vs Baker Mayfield

    Take this to the bank there will be a run of QBs taken at the top of the draft Mayfield will be long gone before number 10 pick
  6. Congrats Phil You have built from ground zero a great place to talk and vent about the Jets
  7. My hunch tells me that Giants pick Barkley Stewart is stop gap in free agency they signed and it takes the load off Eli passing possibly
  8. Well most people are happy because this guarantes a QB i going to be picked at 3 right or wrong at least the management is trying to get that franchise QB
  9. The Giants signed Stewart certainly not the answer at RB they still may go with Barkley
  10. Well give credit to Macc able to pull the trigger now and not wait until draft day which itself is surprising the Colts ddid not wait it out. \
  11. Mayfield or Darnold if we choose 6 or higher
  12. Jet fans are notorious for being negative- th e play of the team has warranted it to a great degree but I agree lets continue this off season and draft and get a better perspective on us
  13. I would not see ateam in top tier trading now they know on draft day or close they can get more from their position > you may want to trade up I do not think it is reality now though
  14. Bridgewater is a low risk move if he can show he is healthy it could be a giant gain for us. We improved our number 1 CB and I like Crowell for his playing ability. Not bad moves so far