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  1. Belated happy birthday good poster always.
  2. Lack of convenient access will be its downfall. Sundays will be interesting on how they are going to coordinate it with the games.
  3. To think Pete was not a sure thing to be on the roster at the start of the season. Thankfully Mets made one right decision
  4. People get tired of the losing and dysfunction. I will always root for them to win no matter what even I may criticize them at times
  5. NBA you are either part of the have's or part of the have not's.
  6. Our GM is crazy- great hire by Wilpons
  7. Only the Mets would screw up a reunion by listing two live people dead
  8. John Davidson was the best hire the Rangers could have made things are looking up the Rangers after two mediocre years. Looking forward to seeing this team
  9. Good management at the top see what a difference it makes hopefully our Jets will get this right now
  10. Agreed keep Russell only 23 and on upswing forget about Irving
  11. So negative in life? Not worth it for mental state
  12. Cano looks totally washed up as a hitter. Diaz what happens when guys that are excellent on other teams come to the Mets- they suck
  13. Barbara Eden is still hot at 80 something years old

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