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  1. Trade down and get best offensive lineman or wide receiver is a good option if available., Allen would be my pick if not get that edge rusher
  2. faba

    RIP Mel Stottlemyre

    RIP class guy and player
  3. The problem the Jets have is the top rated players are all defensive players- if we go that route a must to get playmaker an offensive line help in trades/free agents
  4. Nothing no coach not named Lombardi will I sacrifice valuable draft picks
  5. faba

    Finally, a signing!

    Robertson to the Phillies for two years and a third option year
  6. The problem the Jets have is no real top running backs or receivers coming out this draft. So where can you find an elite player at either position. Take a chance on a proven player in the NFL already
  7. Question becomes do you want to go with someone with no NFL head coaching experience or not Fresh new approach with someone who has offensive background instead
  8. No mystery he has been a big bust forthe contract we gave him this year. that is why having lots of cap money is no guarantee for sure you are going to do well with it
  9. faba


    Herbert is not coming out this year so they will miss probably the best prospect. at QB if they want to try to get him
  10. faba

    The Wife Wants To Move To NJ

    Another Monmouth County person here. Taxes are high and cost of living high but compensation is good , schools are really good and crime relatively low. Nice residential areas for families. Good entertainment options and restaurants/bars
  11. Merry Xmas to all here at jetnation. We have a QB to build on something Jet fans have waited so long to say.
  12. faba

    Biggest team need this off season?

    New coach stud receiver and or RB and improve offensive line to help Sam
  13. faba

    2018 Mets thread

    Good move do not deplete roster or farm system and get a legit catcher that can actually hit Ramos
  14. faba

    2018 Mets thread

    IMO opinion Noiah will not be traded but lets remember do not compare him to Doc please
  15. faba

    2018 Mets thread

    Well get ready for more nail biting innings from Familia. Hopefully in 7 and 8th inning he will work

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