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  1. Nice . You could also get a hotel in Jersey City. that is what my friends do from out of town
  2. FYI Cleveland was the worst rudest fans I have been on for Jet road trips I personally would avoid it
  3. Game 7 playoff hockey nothing beats this no matter what team you root for but Go Rangers
  4. Nice comeback to win -this is what you need unexpected results from different players
  5. Kelenic sent back to minors
  6. Your first mistake is to listen to this idiot.
  7. Have to go to at least one game so possible Phil based on what is going on at home
  8. Recommend to any Jet fan go to Lambeau best place I have gone to fans super nice and historic
  9. Would be sweet to take the Pats down opening day
  10. He does not have to tell Jet fans to be pessimistic- mind your business Florio
  11. They could not get a trade partner but surprising to just cut the guy. Seems like something we may not know about him
  12. He is having on paper a great off season -cautious until we see the field results though
  13. If one undrafted player makes your team it is a success as a whole. Practice squad development
  14. Had our chances last night but could not get clutch hits.Scherzer win the series 7 straight tonight
  15. Not such a surprise they were not going to commit 20 million plus salary to him for next year. they still can do a long term deal
  16. This is all entertainment and about money being spent=not about the teams drafting players
  17. No do not draft like a Jet-based on our past drafts hahhah
  18. Your job is on the clock- so make hits we need
  19. Two picks in the first 10 Joe this is your time to succeed or fail make it happen
  20. Have we a GM and manager that actually know what to do-yes so far
  21. Give us Mahomes also and we have a deal
  22. We have so many needs it is a scenerio that is easy to see happen-but who wants a 4 pick when no consensus top players in this draft as must haves
  23. A collection of star players that can not get it done weak
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