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  1. My thoughts exactly vs elite teams we need our aces . Braves were always my major concern to go up against
  2. Need Scherzer and Degrom on the road back soon hopefully
  3. Ok I temper my opinion with caution he is expected to say these guys look good -proof will come later
  4. We knew June was going to be a rough schedule longest road trip of season is over so lets start a winning streak to match Atlanta who is red hot but beating a lot of sub 500 teams
  5. Great season by this team one of the youngest in the league-we have turned the franchise finally around where we should expect to make the playoffs for the foreseeable future
  6. We are starting from a low bar- we actually have some tight ends that can be a threat and help with blocking.
  7. Anderson was never an elite receiver part of that obviously QB's throwing to him but better moves by the Jets is not resigning him
  8. Can we just suspend this guy 26 vs 1 =show some guts
  9. I support him like any Jet player I just want to see that motivation and desire that he needs to ramp up
  10. They have to prove it on the field they are better can we at least wait till september for that hah
  11. Good start to San Diego loved those at bats in first inning making Snell work real hard
  12. Can not ask for a better start Go rangers
  13. OK month of June is challenging with opponents -but they have to be somewhat afraid of us also a first for this team in a long time
  14. Hey no one is saying he was all pro but he had enough to stay in this league for many years with multiple teams and starting for them
  15. Thanks Joe for all you did to put the Jets and AFL on the map
  16. You know a team is having a special season when unexpected players shine latest Thank Nick Plummer
  17. Nice to see other sport players supporting the area teams
  18. Life long Ranger fan here and this team is just gritty and determined have to love them
  19. This team is just New York tough Gallant you have a great job no matter what happens here on out
  20. Degrom throws with no issues fingers crossed and sweep the Phils
  21. OK time to end Carolina season. It has been two different series so far home and away. Play like the first game and we take this series
  22. looks like another owner screwing the fans Snyder is an expert at that
  23. Great to be optimistic but to say we will sweep the Pats is not really being sensible. More likely a split until we can see the improved roster making improvements on the field
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