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  1. What goes on out of public view I am sure there are lots more stories like this
  2. Like marte standing up for his teammates
  3. as a ifelong Mets fan you expect bad things to happen-ugh
  4. Seriously what would you expect him to say we stink do not come to the games
  5. We had one of the worst scoring defense in NFL history-I rest my case
  6. Lets just lose every year and look forward to next year. Have to hope this regime can finally get it right with Wilson
  7. As others said Sauce is not lasting to 15 and Olave will not last to the pick they have him here. I do not want thibs based on what i have seen him. I would not be shocked if we picked OL at 4 if best available
  8. Good times best part of going to a Jet game
  9. Good bounce back from Devils loss want to jump back over the Pens into second position
  10. Nice postitive attitude by the author-sounds like Tom Shane Thibs was not impressed in games at Oregon I watched I could be wrong but pass on him
  11. Seriuously don't you want to pick a job where you want to go so he wanted to be in Miami
  12. The skeptical in me says someone wrote that for him
  13. Yeah I did not say people should disrespect others unfortunately the profession and spotlight makes this inevitable by some
  14. I can not see no way Kiper mock first QB going at 18 impossible
  15. I would not be surprised if we picked OT at 4 at all problem is we still need to boost that defense
  16. Like it or not your profession and role puts you in the public spotlight
  17. Copp can play on third line and make it stronger added depth is what you needed
  18. Regardless I want to see progress less mistakes better decisions in his second year
  19. If you learned anything can not have enough guys to cover in the secondary does not preclude them drafting Sauce IMO
  20. Well those will be some more games I mute the sound hah
  21. I did not want him saw many Dallas games he was not a factor or hurt in
  22. Yes the reality of being a Mets fan
  23. Ok so no one but him knows what Douglas is thinking but he knows he needs to seriously upgrade this roster to compete and has the money capital to do it
  24. Good move to shore up starting rotation for established starter
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