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  1. Good bye Familla thank you addition by subtraction for me
  2. I am happy because I am a sports lover can not get enough go Mets
  3. Breaking news jets are interested in anyone on the market. Wagner I think would want to go to a legit contender
  4. hah jets make headlines about a third string QB possible signing-the life a Jets fan
  5. Jamal you got your wish to get out so be careful what you wish for
  6. Now you can expect Seattle to move for a QB in the draft expecting the added picks they will get
  7. I will not be shocked if Wentz gets traded either
  8. Like to find out what Broncos are giving up for him
  9. Yeah you knew the Packers will empty the bank for him but at what cost to the rest of their team
  10. The somewhat ironic thing is NFL encourages and supports betting on their games
  11. I saw some of his games and not that impressed seems to play hard when he wants to
  12. How about making the Jets a top flight team first
  13. faba

    Saquon Barkley

    The Giants giving up on him and trading to the Jets I do not think that would go down - I do think a lot of his issues in watching Giants is poor play of O/l a big contibutor
  14. Good win we needed that after two losses =Rangers have gotten better by developing their younger guys mixing with the younger veterans stay the course
  15. Be quiet and show up in best shape of your life
  16. I will bet the house also that at least one QB will go up top-he has none in top 10-that is not happening Mel.
  17. Personally I am not taking any safety at pick 4- this place would go crazy as well as me if they did that
  18. Not a problem for me-he has seen some prospects already up close. Let the scouts do their homework plus combine is not end all to what a player can actually do
  19. I do not think Green bay will lose a home game better for a weak attendance team to lose it if they know what they are doing
  20. Our GM needs the right hits in free agency -look at the Bengals last year on defense they made all good investments. Hope for the best expect the worst hah
  21. Spread the money he wants to get several players at multiple positions this teams more than one guy to get back to respectable and better
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